A  bit of fun for players at the

Thursday 16 December 50+ session


Barbara Dumphy Pat Clements

Barbara Dumphy left won the Accuracy Test and with Pat Clements,

Barbara also won the Forehand Placement Test.

John McCullow 13.12.21

The One Point Shoot Out winner was by John McCullow.

Can’t see your muscles very well with your jacket on John !!!

 Keith Turland 50+

It’s good to see the 50 plus players back after they missed months of 2020 and 2021 due to



Gerry Hughes

Article by Eric Smallwood:-

Some sad new for our Over 50’s group … Gerry Hughes sadly died at New Year.

He’d had a blood disorder and had been waiting to be called into hospital, but died before that happened.

Gerry’s funeral was on January 18 at Dorman’s Club (where his jazz group “Tees Hot Club” play) filled the car park.

Gerry was always a cheerful, laugh at anything guy, and a decent table tennis player who always “went for” the shot.

Paul Moppett and myself also played 5 a side with him, in his “messy” T shirt and with his insistence on dribbling, thus falling into the “give him his own ball and we’ll play our game with ours” group. 

He was also a regular at Tennis World, and could add a royalty connection to that, viz, he played, with others regularly at Guisborough Hall with “Lordy” himself. Whether he was worthy of complementary afternoon tea, was never revealed!!!

RIP Gerry, you were a fine gent and friend and many will miss you.

And a PS to all who read this – please continue to be sensible re this horrible virus.

Kind regards Eric 


50 Plus Handicap League

Bob Barton 50plus Handicap League winner 2019

The 2019 50+ Handicap League winner was Bob Barton on the right.

Eric Smallwood was runner up.




Kei Lewis wnr Oct 2019 50plus Hard bat

Paul Moppett and Keith Lewis

The October 50+ Hardbat tournament produced a very competitive game between Paul Moppett left and the winner Keith Lewis.

When Paul levelled at 19 all after being 16 – 19 down it looked all over for Keith.

Keith however didn’t give up and took the next two points to win.


Paul M 50 winner sept 2019

Nick Miller and Paul Moppett

The September 50 plus Hard Bat competition was won by Paul Moppett with Nick Miller runner-up.
From 8 – 2 down, Nick levelled at 9 all and then went on to lead 19 – 16.
Paul (right) fought his way back to level the score at 20 all and it was now all on the next point which Paul won to clinch the September title.

JULY 2019

Nick Miller July Hardbat wnr 2019

John Wright left and Nick Miller

National Table Tennis Day 50+ Hard Bat Tournament.

Nick Miller beat John Wright 21-16 in the monthly Hard Bat final.

The event which in normally played on the last Thursday in the month was brought forward to celebrate National Table Tennis Day.
Well done Nick.

JUNE 2019

Hardbat 50plus June 2019

Keith Lewis  left and Paul Moppett

The June 50+ Hardbat tournament winner was Paul Moppett.
Paul plays in the Middlesbrough League Pirates team.

Runner up was Keith Lewis who has been a member of the North Ormesby Minstrels and famous for his Pantomime roles.

Where’s the ball Keith – its behind you Keith – oh no it isn’t.

MAY 2019

Nick Miller and Keith Turland hard bat May 30 2019

Keith Turland left and Nick Miller

The May winner of the 50+ Hardbat tournament was Nick Miller who beat Keith Turland 21-17 in the final
On his way to winning the monthly event Nick defeated Keith Swain 21-18, Syd Davis 21-18, Nigel green 21-14 and Paul Atkinson 21-13.

Well done Nick.



APRIL 2019

Jane Dale 50plus winner April 2019

John Putson and Jane Dale

The April winner of  the 50+ Hardbat tournament was Jane Dale.
On her way to winning the monthly event Jane defeated Syd Davis, Barbara Dumphy, Peter Wagner and Eric Smallwood.
In the final Jane beat John Putson in a very close game.

Well done Jane.


GOOD NEWS!!!! – March 2019

The Ormesby 50+ Fundraisers have achieved their target of raising funds to buy a Defibrillator to be used by club members. Well, we hope if won’t need to be used but we will be prepared anyway.

People have been so generous is so many different ways some of which are mentioned below.

Unwanted playing kit has been donated and resold. This has brought in a tremendous amount of money.

Cheesecakes were made by one of the young Cadet girl players

Small cakes were made by one of the Hopes players great grandmother.

  So many items were given for the raffle, which was held last week at the Quiz Night. In fact so many were given we are now planning to hold a Tombola after Easter.

We have sold tickets for an hours coaching by one of the Ormesby Coaches.

One player who won £10 in the Middlesbrough Championships has donated his winnings to the fund.

    50plus Quiz ticket 001

With the Quiz held last week at the Middlesbrough Motor Club we can now confirm we will be getting the Defibrillator very soon.

Thankyou to everyone who has helped in so many ways.


2018 Hard Bat Final

Paul and Nick 50plus final 2018

The 50+Annual Christmas Hard Bat competition was held on Thursday 6 December followed by Christmas Dinner at the Toby Carvery.

The winner was Paul Moppett who beat Nick Miller in the final.


Nick Paul Malcolm 50plus hardbat 06.12.18

Left to right: Nick Miller, Paul Moppett and Malcolm Muldoon who ran the Hard Bat competition

Following on from the Middlesbrough League match the previous evening where Nick Miller beat Paul Moppett,  all be it in a close game, 11-9, 11-9, 12.10, playing with the Hard Bat seemed to make all the difference to Paul when he beat Nick quite comfortably. 


Over 50’s Group 2018 Handicap Competitions

Well he managed it… Berni Bailey won both his/our finals.

In the League Play Off final he beat Peter Loughran 22-21 (12 added handicap points) and in the Cup Final he beat Terry Bache 22-21 (11 added handicap points) – (handicappers can’t get much better than that, can they?).

Entries for the 2019 League closed on December 1st – there are 33 entrants, and the Cup will again follow from mid 2019.

Eric Smallwood


What with a 3 way tie for a play-off, a Mr versus Mrs Quarter Final and 2 players going for ‘the double’, its been an interesting year for our Handicap League and Handicap Knockout Cup competitions

In the League, Peter Loughran will play Bernie Bailey in the single 21 points game final, with Bernie getting a 12 points handicap start.

Berni Bailey with medal Aug 4 2017

Bernie Bailey proudly wearing his medal at the Transplant Games.

In the Cup, the same Bernie will play Terry Bache, getting an 11 point handicap start in the single 21 point game final.

A plate competition win could not be justified this year because, sadly, only 12 players had entered the Cup competition – from where the plate competition entrants would have come from, sorry about that.

Eric Smallwood – Competitions Organiser.


Friday 50+ Session

OTTC Friday 50+ July 2018

The Friday 50+ session continues to expand with 30 members taking part.

The players above can be seen enjoying their break with a drink and a chat.


Middlesbrough League Knock Out Cup – Round Three  – 14.03.18

Bob Wasson Mar 14 2018

Bob Wasson above

ORMESBY G – Alan Fowler, Mike Newton and Bob Wasson  v ORMESBY K – Olly Flight, Jim Wyatt and Marie Edwards.

Report sent by Mike Newton – thanks Mike for your entertaining report

We have ‘Super Bob Wasson’ to thank for tonight’s victory.
Our team started slowly with Alan Fowler losing to Olly Flight, and I lost to Jim Wyatt after being well ahead in the first game. Bob Wasson stepped up and beat Marie Edwards to get one back for us.
I advised Alan Fowler to attack Jim but bit by bit Jim bamboozled Alan as he had done to me. I took the next match v Marie so we were now 3-2 down.
‘Super Bob’ played superbly to almost get the better of Olly but just lost on points but easily won the handicap so back to 3-3.
Alan played Marie with Marie getting 16 in the first game, and when the handicap was included the score was 42-42. The magic point was played with Marie serving, and Alan taking the point so now 4-3.
I played Olly and defended in the first game losing to 13. In the second game I switched to attack, and the points switched round so I won to 14. At 20-13 up I realised that this could be the deciding point and I smacked an easy smash into the net with my cry of ‘Sh.t’ ringing out. Again our match was a draw at 35-35. This time the magic point went to Olly and the match was at 4-4.
After how well Jim had played against Alan and me, it looked like we would certainly lose the match. However Bob was having none of it. His bat went this way and that way and Jim couldn’t keep up but was able to scrape points off Bob with tricky series. Bob lost the first game to 13, and now had to get at least 14 in the deciding game to win. Bob jumped around like a 20-year old, with his eyes following the ball wherever it went, and he smashed a few shots. He lost but only just, but won the handicap and our team was through to the semi-finals.
Alan and I lifted Bob onto our shoulders and carried him around the table a few times – well we would have done if we had been 50 years younger.
The whole match was played in the best of spirits.
Cheers – Mike Newton

Winners of the Over 50’s trophies

50 +plus awards Dec 2017

L to R. Bob Wasson, Alan Heppell, Barbara Dumphy, John Savage and Keith Lewis

Five of the Trophy winners pictured above, who play at the Monday and Thursday sessions received their trophies from Eric Smallwood on 21 December  2017.

The three players who were unable to attend the presentation, Anne Barton, Jim Wyatt and John Daley will receive their trophies in January 2018.

Eric gets his bottle Dec 21 2017

A very please looking Eric

Eric Smallwood pictured above with his bottle of wine which was presented to him to say thank you for organising the four events.


Over 50’s Christmas Hard Bat Tournament 2017

Before most of the 50+ players went to their annual Christmas Dinner at the Toby Carvery, Malcolm Muldoon ran a Hard Bat Tournament.

The finalists were Nick Miller and John McCullow. In what was a really good closely fought game John came back from being three points down to win the event.

Orm 50+ hard bat Dec 2017

John McCullow on the right playing against Nick Miller in the final


The League Playoff Final was won by Anne Barton after she  beat John Daley in the final.

The KO Cup was won by John Savage who beat Barbara Dumphy in the final 24 – 14.

50plus KO Cup Final 2017

Barbara Dumphy v John Savage in the 2018 KO Cup Final

The KO Plate was won by Jim Wyatt who overcame Alan Heppell to win by 21 – 14 points

The 1 Point Shootout winner was Keith Lewis and the runner up was Bob Wasson.

OVER 50’s  – 2017 VISIT TO HULL

The Ormesby 50+ teams went on their annual visit to Hull on Monday 9 October.

A new addition to one of the teams was Jim Wyatt who started playing at the newly formed Friday morning session for new players less than a year ago. With coach Malcolm Muldoon’s help, Jim has quickly improved and is now playing in the Middlesbrough & District TT League.

A big thank you to Brenda Hudson and all the Hull players who as usual made us so welcome. After a 3-3 draw in the morning we were provided with a lovely meal in the Rugby Club next door to the table tennis club. We think a few Ormesby players may have eaten a bit too much as the result was not so good in the afternoon session – naughty – naughty.

Hull Visit 2017 1

Albert Wilson, Malcolm Muldoon and Colin Charity – Ormesby 1

Hull Visit 2017 2

Tom Hand, John McCullow and Bruce Lowther – Ormesby 2

Hull Visit 2017 3

Paul Moppett, Mike Newton and Syd Davis – Ormesby 3

Hull visit 2017 4

Mike Howling, Eileen Robinson and John Wright – Ormesby 4

Hull Visit 2017 5

Barbara Dumphy, Eric Smallwood and Alan Heppell – Ormesby 5

Hull Visit 2017 6

Jim Wyatt, Barbara’s twin sister ?? Dumphy and Terry Bache – Ormesby 6



With Ormesby’s British Premier League player Danny Reed kindly donating some of his unwanted kit to the club, a decision had to be made as several shirts had ‘Reed’ printed on the back of the shirts.

Here is the first idea that came from Alan Heppell.

Alan Heppell Greedy

Well it looks like Alan has lived up to his new name ‘Greedy’ as you can see by the picture below.

Alan Heppell Greedy 1


The updated situations are as follows:


Play – off qualifiers are:

Anne Barton, John Wright, John Daley. Bob Barton, John Savage and Eric Smallwood. As the two highest Conference points per game qualifiers, Anne Barton and John Daley proceed directly to the semi-finals. The other 4 play 2 knockout games to produce the other 2 semi-finalists … so we could finish up with a Mr versus Mrs final and I’m not refereeing that one ! (only joking).


John Savage has reached the final & will play Margaret Kell or Barbara Dumphy or Eric Smallwood in the final.


This competition has now reached the 4 quarter finals stage.

Eric Smallwood 4 September 2017



With one month to go before the play-off games kick – in, current Conference leaders are:

Erimus Conference: Anne Barton 21 pts, Dave Foreman 18 pts.

Roseberry Conference: John Daley 22 pts, Bob Barton 17 pts.

Brigantes Conference: John Savage 13 pts, Eric Smallwood 12 pts.


First round surprises, where higher handicapped players beat stronger opposition, went thus:

Alec Bourne (+12 pts) won a one-point shoot out point after a 21-21 draw against a 58 handicap player.

Barbara Dumphy (+12 pts) also won by one point 22 21 against a 45.

Maureen Appleton (+15 pts) won 29-21 against a 66.

Peter Thomas (+ 14 pts) won 23-21 against a 52.

All very interesting – and typical of handicap fixture results.

And new for 2017, a Handicap Knockout Plate Competition for all players that lose their first KO Cup game – no results yet … watch this space.

Eric Smallwood 27 July 2017


50+ visit RSPB Saltholme

Near to Middlesbrough’s famous Transporter Bridge


After playing table tennis for over 2 hours on Thursday morning June 1st, several Ormesby 50+ players paid a visit to RSPB Saltholme where they went bird spotting for another 2 hours – where do they get their energy from.

It was a beautiful hot day which was much appreciated by all. Armed with binoculars, Malcolm Muldoon led the spotters!!

Oh dear!! I think we managed to frighten quite a few birds away with out chat and laughter.

Saltholme 2

Peter Thomas above – still going strong.


Over 50’s – 2017 Handicap Competitions


With 5 months gone, the Conference leaders are (2 from each will qualify for the 6 play-off places):

Erimus Conference: Anne Barton 21 points, Dave Foreman 11 points.

Roseberry: John Daley and Terry Bache 6 points each.

Brigantes: John Savage 13 points, Eric Smallwood 12 points.

League format games will finish by 31 August and then the play-off games will follow, through to our Grand Final (you could liken this to NFL football play-offs).


The First Round draw will take place on Thursday 8 June (much more important than that “other thing” !) (we think Eric means the ELECTION) with these games to be played by July. Each subsequent round will have a one month “play-by” date.

Eric Smallwood – 29 May 2017

The 50+ Author

Four Fifty-plus Fools

Mike Newton who plays in the 50+ Ormesby table tennis sessions has been writing his memoirs and several other books about his amazing foreign cycling trips.

Mike has also wrote about his visits to Japan with his Japanese wife Naoko and his recent visit to Peru with his son and Peruvian daughter in law where among other things they attended a Peruvian wedding.

Cycling & Walking the Camino

Multi talented Mike also posts You Tube videos of his cycling adventures as well as his table tennis experiences with the 50+ players. Some of Mike’s You Tube videos also include the beautiful local countryside around Great Ayton where he lives.

If you would like to purchase one or more of Mike’s Kindle books please follow the link below.

Mike Newton picture



Mick O’Connor and Malcolm Muldoon – Thursday 9 February 2017

Mick O'Connor 9 Feb 2017

Mick O’Connor left in the picture above is one of the original Ormesby 50+ players.

Mick, who has just celebrated his 80th birthday in January 2017 continues to play table tennis at the 50+ sessions on Monday and Thursday mornings.

In the early 1950’s Mick was playing table tennis at Newport Boys Club in Middlesbrough, playing in the newly formed D Division.

It is over 65 years ago that Mick won the trophies that he is proudly holding and they date back to the Middlesbrough Table Tennis League in 1951 and 1952/53 seasons.

Mick Oconnor Mid Win 001

Above is a page from the Middlesbrough League 1955 /56 Handbook

In 1951 Mick was the individual winner of the D Division and in the 1952/53 season Mick’s team won the D Division title.

Looking back to when he played as a young boy, Mick remembers Mr Bielby running his table tennis team and Chris Laird being Mr Bielby’s deputy.


50+ Presentations – Monday 23 January 2017

2016 Christmas presenations

Two presentation were made by Eric Smallwood centre of picture who runs the 50+ KO Handicap Cup and KO Handicap League.

Nigel Green on the left was the 2016 Handicap League Runner – up and on the right Dave Foreman who won the 2016 KO Handicap Cup.


50+ Hard Bat Tournament

50+ Dec 8 2016

Before going out for their annual Christmas lunch the 50+ players spent two hours competing in a Hard Bat Tournament.

The eventual winner was Robert Evans. Robert also won the 1 Point Shoot.

Thirty members then had an enjoyable Christmas Dinner at the Toby Inn in Middlesbrough.



Our 2016 Handicap Competitions have now been concluded and the roll of honour goes thus:

The League Play-Off Final was won by John Putson (again!) 28 – 15 against Nigel Green (handicap score).

The Knockout Cup Final was won by Dave Foreman 21-17 against Keith Swain (handicap score).

I understand that everybody who participated enjoyed themselves, so that’ll do for me.

Presentation of trophies will take place at out Xmas Lunch in December, along with a couple of “performance” prizes for these competitions.

The same League and Cup competitions will run in 2017, open to everyone in the over 50’s group, but Handicap figures will be based entirely on results in our competitions, ie the Middlesbrough & District and Cleveland and District League, figures will not apply.

Eric Smallwood – November 2016



Ormesby’s 50+ players once again entertained Hull YPI over 50’s on Monday 3 October.
After the six matches played in the morning session and six in the afternoon the scores were once again deemed to be a draw – there are no winners or losers when playing friends.

The usual buffet lunch followed the morning games and after a well earned rest play continued.
Below are pictures of the teams taken by Ormesby 50+ star photographer Mike Newton.



Andy Campbell – Terry Tiffany – Richard Hudson



Tony Gildea – Phil Shakesby – Steve Garrod



Roger Wilson – Dave Robinson – Peter Wagner



John Daley – Mary Sykes – Manna Malik



Bryan Warriner – Lynne Warriner – Terry Bache



Ken Barley – Jeff Harland – Bryan Cromblehome



Tom Hand – Bruce Lowther – John McCullow



Mike Newton – Paul Moppett – Keith Swain



Michael Hand – Eileen Robinson – Eric Smallwood



Dave Foreman – Alan Heppell – Alan Fowler



Bill Appleton – Dave Shearer – Barbara Dumphy



Dave Martin – Maureen Appleton – Bob Wasson



This years Handicap League is nearing the two semi-final play off games, between the players who finish first and second in each of the two conferences.

The Grand Final will follow in due course.

This years Handicap Knockout Cup started in July and allowing for recovering injuries and the like, should also have its semi-finals and final in September or October.

Finally, our Annual Table Tennis Tournament vs Hull’s Over 50’s friends will take place on Monday 3 October. We’ve lined up a Northern Echo reporter to come and listen to all our hard – luck stories, tell his readers what a great gang we are, and get a free lunch into the bargain !!!

Eric Smallwood August 2016


50 plus July 2016

Due to demand an extra session has been added to the 50 plus program.

The new session will take place on Wednesday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00noon commencing July 13.


We can’t believe it, but yes, another year has passed and the Ormesby’s 50 plus players made their annual visit to Hull YPI on Sunday and Monday 24/25 April.

Once again the Ormesby table tennis players were made very welcome by Brenda and Richard Hudson and their very friendly YPI 50 plus players.

Ormesby DREW (won 4-2) on Monday morning – there are no winners or losers with our friends from Hull.
The afternoon comprised of doubles matches and yes – another DRAW.

Hull 2016 Mary Sykes John Mc Malcolm Tom Mike McM Mary Sykes from YPI can be seen on the left of the picture with Ormesby’s John McMullow, Malcolm Muldoon, Tom Hand and Mike McMahon.

Hull 2016 Erics interview
 Mike Newton can be seen conducting one of his reputed interviews. This time it was Ormesby player Eric Smallwood’s turn and yes, he is still wearing his famous striped shirt.

All the player enjoyed a lovely buffet lunch provided by the Hull players.

Hull 2016 Alan Syd Jane John Dally

Gosh that tasted good Jane – Alan Fowler, Syd Davis and Hull’s John Dally patiently waiting for Jane to finish her meal.

Hull 2016 Alan Keith Barbara Denis Terry

Ormesby players: Alan Heppell, Peter Wagner, Barbara Dumphy, Denis Cline and Terry Bache waiting for their next match to begin.

Hull 2016 Keith Colin and Steve Garrod

Three more players enjoying a well earned rest: left to right Keith Lewis, Colin Charity and Hull YPI’s Steve Garrod.



Dave Foreman play for Orm A Feb 2016

Dave Foreman centre with David Ashwell left and Josh Harland right

What a way for a 50 plus player to make his first division debut – playing for Ormesby A.

Dave who usually plays in the Ormesby H team in Division Two of the Middlesbrough & District Table Tennis League, helped the Ormesby A team out when they only had two players.

Playing against the East Cleveland A team of brother and sister Anne and David Pashley and Steve Souter, Dave managed to win 2 and 1/2 points out of 3 on handicap.

Dave said he enjoyed the experience and although he didn’t win any games he really enjoyed playing in the first division match.


Alan Fowler, Jane Dale and Syd Davis watch as Keith Lewis demonstrates how to play without a bat

Above: Alan Fowler, Jane Dale and Syd Davis watch on as Keith Lewis demonstrates how to play without a table tennis bat.


Four of the regulars players who play in the 50+ sessions and also in the Middlesbrough Table Tennis League and the Cleveland Summer League

50 plus 2015

 left to right: Peter Wagner, John Daley, Terry Bache and David Lax

John Wright and Les Ransome

Above left, John Wright and Les Ransome are also regulars at the 50+ sessions.

We thought we may have found our chairman Alan a long lost brother but we have checked and apparently Les is not related to Alan.

50 plus website

Since this is a new section of Ormesby Table Tennis Club’s website, a warm welcome to all our readers.

The over‘s TT Group has been running since February 2009 when it started with Thursday morning sessions with about 8 players. Not many months later, these sessions had proved to be so popular that a Monday morning session was added.

Initially about 15 of us turned up, but increasing interest over the years means that there are over 50 of us, although usually only a very healthy 30 or so turn out.

50 plus

Four members of the Ormesby H team currently playing in the Middlesbrough Table Tennis League – left to right Dave Foreman, Jane Dale, Alan Fowler and team captain Syd Davis

Over the last seven years the group has entered several teams into the local Middlesbrough Table Tennis League and Cleveland Summer Table Tennis League, and up to date, they have achieved several successes in these league’s handicap competitions.


So, Malcolm Muldoon gives us a coaching session on Thursdays and then its coffee, with doubles games to follow.

On Monday Eric Smallwood organises singles games to a rotation system and then again, coffee and doubles follow.

50+ handicap final Oct 2015

50 Plus 2015 Handicap Final between John Putson left and Alan Heppell

Through the year two handicap competitions operate. A league competition runs from January to approximately August and a Knockout Cup has now been added that runs from July to November. 2015 winners were John Putson and Eric Smallwood respectively.


Additionally, during the year, Malcolm organises Hard Bat and Single Points Shoot Out competitions and then with Brenda they organise our now annual home and away challenge matches against Hull Table Tennis Club’s Over 50‘s Group. Always enjoyable.

50 plus 2

Syd Davis and Paul Moppett at the front of the picture, playing a doubles game at the 2015 visit to Hull

In December, like many social groups we have a Christmas lunch followed by the presentation of our competition winners trophies kindly provided by Ormesby TTC.

Information for the Over 50‘s Table Tennis Group is always displayed on our noticeboard in the Ormesby club’s main hall. So please check as the information on the website is selective.