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The winning team left to right: Michael Marsden, Tom Jarvis, Enio Mendes, Helshan Weerasinghe and Darius Knight

By winning 3 of their matches 8-0 and playing a draw with the current Champions, Sycamore, Ormesby won the Premier Division of the British League when the club hosted the final round of matches on Sunday.  This result has meant tht Ormesby has achieved a unique treble, winning the women’s and Junior British League Premier Division titles as well as the Senior title. 

The title coming to Ormesby was an all-round team performance with all 4 members that played on the weekend – Darius Knight, Enio Mendes, Helshan Weerasinghe  and Tom Jarvis, winning 7 of their 8 sets.  The season climaxed on Sunday morning after Ormesby had improved their sets average with two 8-0 victories against Kingfisher of Reading and Bournemouth whilst their main challengers for the title, Sycamore, had dropped sets, beating London Academy 7-1 and Drumchapel by 6-2 so that, provided Ormesby had a good result against Drumchapel on Sunday afternoon, a 4 all draw would be sufficient to win the title. 

The match started badly for Ormesby when Sycamore’s Japanese player, Kenichi Matsubuchi, scored a very narrow victory over Mendes at 11-9 in the 5th deciding game.  Knight, in a second thrilling match, levelled the score by beating English international and 6 Nations Champion, Chris Doran, at 14-12 in the decider.  Then came the 2 big surprise results for Ormesby when Jarvis scored a comfortable win against higher ranked Mathew Ware in 3 straight games and Weerasinghe beat the Irish No 1, Paul McCreery by 11-2 in the deciding game.  

Sycamore came back into the match when Matsubuchi scored a comfortable win against Knight but Mendes proved too strong for Ware, winning with 3 comfortable games to clinch at least the 4-4 draw  As was anticipated, Sycamore finished the match strongly with Doran beating Weerasinghe 3-1 and McCreery defeating Jarvis 3-0 but the all-important draw from Ormesby’s perspective had been achieved which simply left a win over Drumchapel of Glasgow, the third placed team, by 6-2 required for Ormesby to take the title. 

In the final match Ormesby started strongly when Knight defeated Scottish international Craig Howieson in straight games and then Mendes beat Drumchapel’s star man, Chinese Sung Meng Cheng, by the same score and from that point it was downhill all the way for Ormesby as the team ran out a convincing 8-0 winner. 

At the same time deflated Sycamore lost their final match against the London club Fusion by 5-3 to give Ormesby a clear 2 point lead at the top of the table. 

Mendes won the League award for the player who won the most matches during the season with 24 wins from 28 matches whilst Knight was in second place with 23.  Weerasinghe was 4th with 20 from 25 whilst Jarvis was in 7th place with 15 from 17.  Michael Marsden, the player/coach, won 6 from 12. 

Pictured left to right: Michael Marsden, Alan Ransome, Karina Lefevre (Women’s British League), Enio Mendes, Darius Knight, Joshua Harland (Junior British League), Helshan Weerasinghe and Tom Jarvis

This result concluded a remarkable season for Ormesby in British Premier Division table tennis.  In February the Women’s team with Karina Le Fevre, Sarah Berge, Maria Tsaptsinos and Chloe Whyte, retained the Women’s British title when they defeated Nottingham Draycott 5-1 in the final weekend. 

Also in February the Junior team with Tom Jarvis, Christopher Wheeler, Josh Harland and Zehong Huang won the British Junior title after playing a 3-3 draw in the final match with London Academy.  Then last weekend, Ormesby won the title with the final victory over Drumchapel.

First weekend – 13 & 14 September  2014

Ormesby are equal top of the British Table Tennis League Premier division after the first round of matches which were played at Ormesby this weekend. 

With the3 wins and 1 draw Ormesby are level with current English Champions Nottingham Sycamore with whom they played a 4 all draw. 

Ormesby won their other 3 matches against Barrow Tornadoes 7 – 1, Fusion of London 6 and the Scottish Champions Drumchapel  5- 3. 

Ormesby success was based on a strong all-round team effort.  Number One, Darius Knight won 5 of his 8 matches.  Portuguese International Enio Mendes won 6 from his 8 at number two.  Heshan Weerasinghe playing at number three won 4 of his 6.  Tom Jarvis did well to win 5 of his 6 whilst Michael Marsden won 2 from 4. 

In the first match against Barrow Ormesby’s  7 – 1 was achieved with 2 each from Knight, Mendes and Marsden while Tom Jarvis found the strong defence of the English Women’s  Champion Joanna Drinkhall was just too difficult. 

In the second match Ormesby’s beat one of the championship contenders Fusion by 6-2.  The star man for Fusion was the Veteran Loresta Trumpauskas who won both of his matches against Knight and Weerashinghe Jarvis and Mendes won 2 each for Ormesby. 

The toughest match was on Sunday morning when Ormesby played a 4 all draw with the current champions Nottingham Sycamore. Weerashinge was the star of this match for Ormesby with wins against Mathew Ware and Sean Cullen. 

For Sycamore their number one Chris Doran excelled to beat both Knight and Mendes. 

In the final match of the weekend Ormesby beat the Scottish Champions at Drumchapel who had Chinese star Xu Ruffeng who comfortably beat Medes in 3 straight games and Knight at 11-6 in the decider. Tom Jarvis excelled with two victories over Richard Main and Scott Barton. 

In the League table Ormesby are shown in second position with a slightly inferior games average to Nottingham Sycamore.  However, Sycamore and Drumchapel have still to play each other in this round of matches in the first half of the season and the result of this match could easily put Ormesby at the top of the table. 

The next rounds of matches are to played at Drumchapel in Glasgow on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd November.

Second weekend – 1 & 2 November 2014

With a maximum of 4 wins, Ormesby remain in contention for honours in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League following 4 fixtures in Glasgow over the weekend.

With a maximum of 8 wins from Enio Mendes, 7 from Darius Knight, 6 from Helshan Weerasinghe and 4 from Michael Marsden, Ormesby are level at the top of the table with the current holders, Sycamore of Nottingham, although the current champions have a superior sets average of 51-13 against 47-17.  Both teams are on 15 points having won 7 of the 8 matches so far and drawn one match against each other.

In the matches in Glasgow, Ormesby’s toughest opponents were the team in 4th place, London Academy who the Teesside Club played twice over the weekend.  On the first occasion Ormesby won 5-3 with 2 each from Knight, Mendes and 1 from Weerasinghe.

In the second fixture the same score line was produced with a 5-3 win for Ormesby but this time Sebastian Loso for London Academy beat both Knight and Weerasinghe.  Mendes and Knight both beat the leading player, Dexter St Louis.  The match climaxed at 4-3 to Ormesby when Marsden beat Gabriel Achapong by 3 games to 1.

Ormesby’s other wins over the weekend were against the Bournemouth Club by 78-1 and against Kingfisher of Reading by 8-0.

Current champions, Sycamore, won their matches convincingly, beating London Academy 6-2, Kingfisher 8-0, Fusion of London 6-2 and Drumchapel Glasgow 6-2.

The next round of fixtures is to be played at London Academy on 25 January.


First weekend 20 & 21 September 2014

With the six Teesside teams competing in the Senior British Table Tennis League completed its first round of fixtures for the new season last weekend.
In Division one Ormesby’s 2nd and Northfield won 2 and lost 2 of their first round of fixtures.
The match between the two teams produced a 5-3 victory for Northfield with Damien Nicholls and Billy Forster both winning 2 for the Stockton club whilst Andy Wilson won 1.

For Ormesby Martin Rutter, Chloe Whyte and Harry Dai all won one set.
Rutter did well to beat Wilson 3-1 whilst for Northfield Billy Forster produced two good wins again Dai and  Harland.
Ormesby opened with a 5-3 win over Burton when Rutter won 2 of his sets. This
was followed by a 7-1 victory over Bristol were Rutter, Harland and Dai were all unbeaten.
Ormesby’s 3rd match was a defeat for Rotherham Scorpions 6-2 Harland and Dai won one set each.
Ormesby finished the weekend with Rutter scoring 5 from 8, Harland 4, Whyte 2 and Dai 6.
Northfield opened with a 7-1 defeat against Cardiff with Forster winning the only set. This was followed by a second defeat to Burton by 6-2 with Forster and Tim Surrey winning the sets.
Sunday morning Northfield improved with a 5-3 victory over Bristol with 2 wins from Andy Wilson.
Forster was Northfields best player with 5 from 8 whilst Wilson won 3 from 8, Nicholls 2 from 8 and Tim Surrey 1.
Ormesby are in fourth position in the table with 4 points and whilst Northfield are sixth also with 4 points. Ormesby have the superior sets average.
Ormesby the 3rd team who are playing the second division found it tough going with most of the team playing in a higher division than last season.
Ormesby scored two draws with Draycot of Nottingham and Scarborough but were defeated 8-0 by Barrow and 7-1 by the Liverpool team Bankfields.
Dave Ashwell produced the best Ormesby results with 3 wins from his 8 sets whilst Carl White won 2 from 6 Michael Young 2 from 8 and Peter Wilkinson 2 from 6.
In the third Division North which was played at Ormesby. Middlesbrough based Beaumont Nomads are placed second in the table won 2 of their matches and two draws whilst Ormesby fourth  team are in 7th place having drawn just one of the matches.
The opening match of a 4 all draw between Beaumont and Ormesby’s 4th team in which Kaine MacDonald excelled for Ormesby to beat Sam Hitchin and Mark Walpole.
Calum White did well to beat Walpole whilst 10 year old Joshua Weatherby had his best result with a victory over Hitchin.

Second Weekend 13 & 14 December 2014

With the exception of Beaumont Accountancy, Teesside teams had a tough weekend in the British Table Tennis League. 

In the 1st Division Northfield won 1 of their 4 matches whilst Ormesby II only drew 1 and lost 3 at Halton. 

Northfield opened with a 6-2 victory against Rotherham Scorpions with 2 wins each from Billy Forster and Joe Clarke whilst Damian Nicholls and Andy Wilson won 1 each.  Northfield were then beaten 5-3 by Halton of Merseyside, Drumchapel Glasgow and Cardiff.  Forster was Northfield’s best player with 4 wins out of 6 whilst Clarke won 3 out of 4, Nicholls won 3 from 8, Tim Surrey won 3 from 6 and Wilson won 2 from 6. 

Ormesby’s prospects were damaged with an injury to Josh Harland which affected the second day’s play.  After drawing 4 all with Halton, Ormesby were beaten 6-2 by Drumchapel Glasgow and Cardiff and in the final match were beaten by Burton 7-1.  Harry Dai produced the best performance for Ormesby, winning 5 of his 8 sets whilst Martin Rutter won 2.  Chloe Whyte and Harland won 1 each. 

In the 2nd Division at Derby North Ormesby III followed suit, drawing 1 match 4 all with Woodfield of Wolverhampton but then losing 5-3 to Olap of Reading and Draycott of Derby.  They were also beaten by the Lancashire team Formby 6-2.  Michael Young produced the best scores with 6 from 8 whilst Dave Ashwell won 4 from 8 and Carl White 2 from 8.

In the 4th Division, played at Ormesby, Beaumont Accountancy produced a series of good results to finish with 4 wins and equal top of the table with Pudsey  on 14 points from 8 sets. 

Beaumont beat the Colin Deaton team from Chesterfield 5-3, Pudsey 6-2, Arbory 8-0 and Ormesby IV 7-1.  Anthony Phoenix and Mark Walpole won 7 out of 8 whilst Steve Cooper won 5 from 6 and Sam Hitchen won 4 from 6.  Shannon Walker won both his matches whilst Steve Baines won 1 from 2.   

Ormesby, who were without Calum White due to a leg injury, opened with a 4 all draw against Grimsby but then lost to Drumchapel Glasgow 5-3 and were  beaten 8-0 by the Colin Deaton team, then by Beaumont 7-1.  Josh Weatherby produced the best results wit 3 from 8 whilst Kaine Macdonald won 2 from 8, Michael Ashwell and David Noutch won 1 from 4 and Nathan Kell won 1 from 8. 

Alan Ransome OBE





Pictured left to right: Martin Rutter, Ryan Jenkins, Michael Marsden, Richard Andrews and Tom Jarvis

A strong performance from the Ormesby 1st team secured 3rd position in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League when the final matches were played at Ormesby last weekend.

Welsh No 1 player Ryan Jenkins led the Ormesby attack, winning 6 of his 7 sets throughout the weekend and being awarded the British League Player of the Year for his performances throughout the season, with 24 out of 27 matches (89%).

Tom Jarvis, on debut for the Ormesby 1st team, performed well in the No 4 position, winning 6 of his 8 sets whilst Mike Marsden and Richard Andrews played their part, winning 4 from 6 and 3 from 8 respectively.  Martin Rutter played in one of the matches and won 1 of his 2 sets.

Ormesby played 4 matches this weekend, winning 2 against Barrow and Wymondham by 7-1 and 6-2.  Against the Champions, Sycamore of Nottingham, Ormesby played a 4 all draw with Jenkins winning both of his sets in the No 1 position.  Against the team in second place, Urban TTC of London which consisting mainly of Hungarian internationals, Ormesby were beaten 5-3, with wins from Jenkins, Marsden and Jarvis.

The main match for deciding the Championship was the first played on Saturday morning when Sycamore and Urban played a 4 all draw.  As Sycamore were at the top of the table at the start of the weekend, they were destined to win the Championsip unless they dropped 2 points in the rest of the fixtures. They only dropped one in their Sunday morning match with Ormesby.

Jenkins’ best performance came in the match against Sycamore where he beat their No.1 player Chris Doran, and new signing No.2 Alex Perry. His only defeat was in the match against Urban when he lost 3-1 to Adam Pattantyus, their No.1 player who carries a high World ranking.

Alan Ransome OBE

SYCAMORE 1 14 10 4 0 83 29 24
URBAN TTC 1 14  11 2 1 75 37 24
ORMESBY TTC 1 14  7 2 5 67 45 16
FUSION 1 14 5 4 5 59 53 14
BARROW TORNADOES 14 5 3 6 56 56 13
DRUMCHAPEL GLASGOW 14 5 1 8 53 59 11
GREENHOUSE 14 4 2 8 35 77 10
WYMONDHAM 14 0 0 14 20 92 0





Pictured left to right: Maria Tsaptsinos, Karina Lefevre, Chloe Whyte and coach Alan Ransome

With an outstanding performance from Karina Le Fevre, Ormesby won the Women’s British Table Tennis League for the second successive year in Doncaster on Sunday, beating all 5 of the other top clubs in the Premier Division by convincing margins.

Karina, playing at No 1, produced her best ever performance for the Ormesby Club, winning all her 10 sets in straight games, a feat which is rarely at this level of competition.  She beat a number of leading British players, including Emma Vickers and Alice Loveridge of the Draycott Club from Derby, the Scottish No 1 Gillian Edwards from the Halton Cub of Merseyside and Abbie Milwain from the Burton Uxbridge team.

Karina was supported by Chloe Whyte and Maria Tsaptsinos, both of whom won 8 of their 10 matches.  Maria in particular, playing at No 2, produced exceptional victories over ~Vickers and Milwain.

Ormesby opened their campaign for the final weekend with a 6-0 victory over the Kent Club Byng Hall.  This was followed by 5-1 wins over the Topspin Sports Club from London and Halton from Merseyside.  The Championship was already secured by the end of play on Saturday as Ormesby led the table by 5 points with only 4 remaining on the last day.  Ormesby continued their impressive run with 2 more 5-1victories over their main rivals, Burton Uxbridge and Draycott of Derby.

This is the third time that Ormesby has won the British Championship but never before in such a convincing manner.  Over the season Ormesby finished with 19 points from their 10 matches whilst the team in second place, Draycott, had 12.

In the player averages, Le Fevre was top with 90% and 18 wins from 20 matches while Whyte and Tsaptsinos were equal second with 15 wins from their 18 matches with 83%.

Alan Ransome





With 3 wins and 1 defeat Ormesby 2nd team improved their position in Division 1 North of the British Table Tennis League with the matches played at Halton on Merseyside last weekend.

Ormesby scored victories over the hosts Halton 6-2, the Yorkshire team Derwent by 5-3 and Drumchapel from Glasgow by 7-1.  Ormesby’s only defeat was against the league leaders Burton Uxbridge by 6-2.  Tom Jarvis produced the best results for Ormesby winning all his 8 sets whilst Simon Noutch did well to win 5 from 8 at No 1, Chloe Whyte 4 from 8 at No 3 and Martin Rutter 3 from 8 at No 2.

In the same division the Northfield club from Stockton maintained their mid table position with 1 win and 3 defeats.  Northfield beat Ravenscroft by 5-3 but lost to Halton 6-2, Drumchapel 7-1 and Derwent 5-3.  Billy Forster produced the best results for Northfield by winning 5 of his 8 sets.

In Division 2 North the Ormesby 3rd team won 3 of the 8 points available with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats.  Ormesby’s victory was against Drumchapel Glasgow by 7-1.  Marco Tang produced the best performance for Ormesby with the maximum 8 wins whilst Sam Hitchen won 3 from 8 and Adam Smith and Peter Wilkinson 2 from 8.

In Division 3 North the Ormesby 4th team slipped into 6th place in the division with only 1 draw from their 4 fixtures.  Dave Ashwell and Carl White produced the best results with 3 from 8 whilst Michael Young won 2 and Gary Whyman 1.

In Division 4 North the Middlesbrough team Travel Hub CIC Nomads top the division with 3 wins over the weekend.  They beat the Ormesby 5th team and Halton 4th team 7-1 and Derwent II 6-2.  Anthony Phoenix and Mark Walpole won all 6 of their sets whilst Shannon Walker won 2 from 3.  Steve Cooper won 3 from 4 whilst Steve Baines won 1 from 3.

In the same division a depleted Ormesby 5th team recorded 4 defeats.  Nevertheless Michael Ashwell and Jonathan Crossman did well to win 3 from 8 whilst Calum White won 2.

Alan Ransome



With 2 victories and 2 draws, Northfield made a good start to the first weekend in the 1st Division of the British Table Tennis League at Halton on Merseyside.

On Saturday Northfield opened their fixtures with a 4 all draw against the South Yorkshire club, Derwent, followed by a 5-3 victory over Burton Uxbridge.

On Sunday Northfield played a second draw against Bristol Academy then finished off their fixtures with a 5-3 victory against Ormesby’s second team.  Northfield are equal top of the table with Drumchapel Glasgow, both on 6 points.

For Northfield Billy Forster produced the best results with 5 wins from 6 matches whilst Damien Nicholls won 6 from 8.  Andrew Wilson scored 5 from 8, Tim Surrey won 1 from 4 and Eddie Fambely 1 from 6.

In the same division the Ormesby 2nd team, weakened by selection of players all representing England in the UK School Games, won 1 match and lost 3.  Ormesby opened by losing to Burton 5-3.  They then defeated Bristol 7-1, lost to Ravenscroft 6-2 and finally were beaten by Northfield 5-3.

Simon Noutch produced the best results for Ormesby, winning 6 from 8, whilst Chloe Whyte won 4 from 8, Martin Rutter, playing at No 2, won 3 from 8 and Karen Shepherd 2 from 8.

In the 2nd Division, Ormesby 3rd team followed suit and won 1 from their 4 matches.  The lone win was against Drumchapel by 6-2 with losses to Cardiff 7-1, Barrow 5-3 and Nottingham Sycamore by 6-2.  Sam Hitchen and Josh Harland did well to win 4 from 8.  Carl White and Michael Young both won 2 from 8.

The 4th team in Division 3 produced the best Ormesby results, beating Halton of Merseyside 5-3, Grimsby Mariners 6-2 and playing draws with Banfield and Avery, both 4 all.  Ryan Richardson produced the best performance with 7 from 8 whilst David Ashwell and Gary Whyman won 3 from 4.  Alex Garlick won 4 from 8 and Adam Smith 2 from 8.

In the 4th Division North, newcomers to the British League, Travel Hub CIC Nomads, won all their 3 matches with victories over Derwent 7-1, Whitworth Academy 6-2 and Rotherham Scorpions 7-1.  Anthony Phoenix, Mark Walpole and Shannon Walker won all their 6 matches whilst Steve Cooper won 2 from 4.

In the same division the Ormesby 5th team won 1 from 3 matches, beating Halton 6-2 but lost to Formby 7-1 and Derwent 5-3.  Calum White produced the best results with 4 from 6 whilst Gary Whyman, Kaine Macdonald and Michael Ashwell all won 2 from 4.

Alan Ransome