Cleveland Summer League

2017 – 57 Years of Table Tennis

Updated Sunday 22 October 2017


Ormesby TTC B  – 4 points  v  Ormesby TTC A  –  5 points



    Summer league tourn July 16 2017

Adam Ridley  (Open Singles winner) and Rana Raseem, winners of the Handicap Doubles playing against  Reem Rassem and Eve Witterick.

Adam Ridley was the surprise winner of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League Championship that was played at the Ormesby Club last weekend when he beat one of England’s top cadets, Thomas Raynor, in the final after saving five match points.

Thomas Raynor appeared to have the championship in the bag, when he led by 2 games to 1 and by 10-7, so giving him three match points.  Adam Ridley recovered to deuce, Tom Raynor had two more match points before Adam Ridley clinched the fourth game at 17-15 and went on to win the decider at 11-8.

Adam Ridley beat another Ormesby Junior, Chrissy Edwards, in three straight games in the semi-final, whilst Tom Raynor beat the veterans champion Gary Whyman by 3-1 in the semi-final.

Adam Ridley won three titles in total, adding the Handicap Singles and Doubles to his haul.  In the Singles Adam Ridley beat Ben Savage in the final by 21-17 in the decider whilst in the Doubles Adam Ridley partnered Rana Rassem to beat Issy Doyle and Daniel Bennett at 21-16 in the third game in the final.

Despite losing the Open Singles final, Raynor had a good tournament beating Edwards in straight games to win the Junior Title and Ben Savage also in straight games to win the Cadet Singles.

The second division Singles was won by Tommy Webster of Northfield who beat Tom Hand by 3-1 in the final.

The Wheelchair Singles was won by Noel Thomas who defeated Mark Bonnar by 3-1 in the hard fought final.

Alan Ransome OBE


Open Singles

Final – Adam Ridley beat Tommy Rayner 7-11, 11-8, 5-11, 17-15, 11-8

Semi Finals

Adam Ridley beat Chris Edwards 11-9, 11-7, 11-4

Tom Rayner beat Gary Whyman 8-11, 11-3, 11-8, 11-7

Cadet Singles Final – Tommy Rayner beat Ben Savage 11-4, 15-13, 11-6

Junior Singles Final – Tommy Rayner beat Chris Edwards 11-7, 11-8, 11-8

Veteran Singles – Gary Whyman beat Nigel Savage 11-9, 11-9, 10-12, 11-8

Division 2 Singles – Tommy Webster beat Tom Hand 9-11, 11-3, 11-8, 11-5

Handicap Singles – Adam Ridley beat Ben Savage 19-21, 21-15, 21-17

Handicap Doubles – Adam Ridley and Rana Rassem beat Issy Doyle and Daniel Bennett 21-18, 10-21, 21-16

Wheelchair Singles – Noel Thomas beat Marc Bonnar 11-6, 11-7, 6-11, 11-7

Orm A v Orm B June 16 2017

L to R: David Ashwell and Michael Young playing David Gofton and Joe Cope in the doubles

OrmA v Orm B June 16 2017 group

         L to R: David Gofton, Joe Cope, George Hill, Carl White, Michael Young and David Ashwell.

Ormesby’s A and B teams came face to face on Friday June 16 with the outcome a 6 – 4 win to Ormesby A.

Star player was Ormesby A’s Joe Cope who won all his three games although Ormesby B’s Carl White didn’t make it easy for him. Joe lost the first end to Carl before winning the next three ends 12-10, 11-3 and a lengthy fourth end 19-17.

David Gofton won two games for Ormesby A and the A team won  the doubles.

David Ashwell replied for Ormesby B with two good wins against David Gofton and George Hill. Carl White and Michael Young won the other two games for the B team.

         David Hildreth May 2017Noel Thomas May 2017

Two pictures from one of the first matches of the 2017 Summer League season between Ormesby TTC F Wheelers and Nunthorpe TTC B

David Hildreth left picture and right Malcolm Muldoon is seen giving Noel Thomas of the Wheelers a few tips on how to beat David.

The 2017 Cleveland Summer League’s first matches have taken place and league tables will be available as soon when teams have played about three games. In the mean time you can find the latest league tables on the Table Tennis 365 website.



To be played  on Friday 20 October at Ormesby TTC

6.  Ormesby TTC B   v   9.  Ormesby TTC A


2.  Ormesby TTC C  – 0 points  v   6. Ormesby TTC B – 5 points

9.  Ormesby TTC A  – 5 points   v  16.  Ormesby TTC G  – 3 points

ROUND TWO – Quarter Final

2.  Ormesby TTC C –   5 points  v  3.  Northfield TTC B  –  3 points

6.  Ormesby TTC B  –  5 points   v  7.  Nunthorpe TTC A  –  0 points

9.  Ormesby TTC A – 5 points  v  11.  Ormesby TTC D  –  2 points

14.  Ormesby TTC E – 3 points  v  16.  Ormesby TTC G –  5 points


  1.  Nunthorpe TTC B  –  0 points  v  2.  Ormesby TTC C  –  5 points

3.  Northfield TTC B  –  5 points  v  4.  Ormesby TTC F  –  3 points

5.  Westbourne B  2 points  v  6.  Ormesby TTC B  5 points

7.  Nunthorpe TTC A  – 5 points   v  8.  Northfield TTC C  –  3 points

9.  Ormesby TTC A  –  5 points   v  10.  Westbourne A  –  1 point

11.  Ormesby TTC D  – W/O  v  12. Northfield TTC D

13.  Northfield TTC A (conceded)   v  14.  Ormesby TTC E – W/O

15.  Westboune C  (conceded)  v  16. Ormesby TTC G – W/O

Sum Handicaps 12 July 2017 001

Division One –  W/E 29 September 2017   P W D L PTS
 1 Ormesby TTC A 14 12 1 1 115
 2 Ormesby TTC B 14 12 1 1 111
 3 Westbourne A playing at Northfield 14 7 2 5   71
 4 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A 14 6 1 7   64
 5 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B 14 6 0 8   56
 6 Northfield TTC A 14 4 2 8   56
 7 Ormesby TTC C 14 3 3 8   51
 8 Nunthorpe TTC A 14 0 2 12   36
 Division Two – W/E 29 September 2017  P W D L PTS
 1 Westbourne B 18 16 0  2 149
 2 N0rthfield TTC B 18 16 0  2 145
 3 Nunthorpe TTC B 18 15 1  2 136
 4 Westbourne C 18  8 3  7 100
 5 Ormesby TTC E 18  8 2  8   90
 6 Northfield TTC C 18  5 5  8   84
 7 Northfield TTC D 18  5 3 10   60
 8 Ormesby TTC F Wheelers 18  4 1 13 48
 9 Ormesby TTC D 18  2 2 14 46
10 Ormesby TTC G 18  1 3 14 41

MATCH REPORTS  –  Alan Ransome OBE

Weekending 2 October 2017

With victories over Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B and Northfield A, Ormesby A clinched the 1st Division title of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League.  Joe Cope and George Hill both scored hat tricks in both fixtures and David Gofton won 3 against Northfield.  Jack Cope scored a hat trick against Beaumont.  The closet set was Hill’s win against Peter Abell of Beaumont at 13-11 in the decider.

These two results mean that Ormesby A win the title from Ormesby B by 4 points.

In 2nd Division Hartlepool’s Westbourne B with Andy Greason, Alan Price and David Hutchinson won the 2nd Division title following their 10—0 victory over Ormesby Wheelers.  Westbourne lead the table with 149 points whilst Northfield B are 2nd with 145 points.

Weekending 15 September 2017

Hartlepool’s Westbourne B moved a step closer in clinching the title of Division 2 in the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week when they scored a 9-1 victory over Ormesby D. Andy Greason and Alan Price were the stars for Westbourne with both scoring hat tricks, whilst David Hutchinson won 2 only losing to Ormesby cadet Eve Witterick by three games to one.

The teams in 2nd and 3rd place in the table Northfield B and Nunthorpe B cost each other points in the 7-3 Northfield B victory. Tom Webster was the star of this match for Northfield B scoring a hat trick whilst Lee Russell won two. Barbara Kearney provided most of the opposition with two wins beating both Gary Whittle and Lee Russell in 5 games. David Hildreth won one beating Gary Whittle and played a very close match with Tom Webster at 11-8 in the decider.

Northfield B maintained their interests in the Championship with a very comfortable 10-0 victory over Ormesby F.

These results with just two matches to play give Westbourne B a slender lead with 132 points from 16 matches, whilst Northfield B are on 129 points and Nunthorpe B with 123.

Weekending 8 September 2017

With two 10-0 victories and a third 8-2 Ormesby A are now the favourites to regain the title of the 1st Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League after last week’s fixtures.

Ormesby’s first win was against Northfield A which they won 8-2. Joe Cope was the star of the match scoring a hat trick whilst Jack Cope and George Hill both won two. Joe Cope beat Karina Le Fevre by 3 games to 1 whilst Le Fevre won her other two sets.

Ormesby A entertained Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A and won a very comfortable match by 10-0 with hat tricks from Joe Cope, Jack Cope and David Gofton. Ormesby’s 3rd win was with a visit to Nunthorpe which was again secured by another comfortable 10-0 margin. Joe Cope, Jack Cope and David Gofton were all un-beaten.

Ormesby A’s main rivals Ormesby B dropped two points when they entertained Hartlepool’s Westbourne A. Jimmy Scope produced most of the opposition for Westbourne beating Adam Ridley and Lewis Cadden. Thomas Rayner was the star of the match scoring a hat trick.

These results mean that Ormesby B stay top of the table with 93 points from 12 matches whilst Ormesby A are now the favourites with 90 points from 11.

Weekending 1 September 2017

With a 10-0 victory over Northfield D, Hartlepool’s Westbourne B moved a step closer to winning the Second Division title of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League in last week’s fixtures.

With hat tricks from Jason Lloyd, Gary Pearson and David Hutchinson the Westbourne team were in command throughout the match with only two of the 10 sets needing a fourth game.

Their main rivals Nunthorpe B also engineered a big win again against Ormesby E at 9-1.  Barbara Kearney, David Hildreth and Trevor Teasdale all scored hat tricks but Nunthorpe missed a 10-0 victory when Kearney and Bernie Welford lost the Doubles in a 5-game set against Tom Hand and Chris Gunn.

This result puts Westbourne 13 points ahead of Nunthorpe on 123 points against 110, making them favourites for the title.  Nunthorpe remain very much in the frame as they have a match in hand.  3rd placed Northfield B are also in contention and are behind by 21 points but they have two fixtures to play.

Weekending 25 August 2017

With a hat trick from Thomas Rayner, Ormesby B improved their prospects of winning the 1st Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week when they defeated the team in second place the club’s A team by 7-3. Thomas Rayner’s hat trick was scored by a narrow margin; he beat Jack Cope by 11-9 in the decider and Jack Dewar by 11-4, also in the fifth. Thomas Rayner’s victory over George Hill was by 3-1.

Carl White and Dave Ashwell made an important contribution to the B team’s win, with Carl White and David Ashwell both beating George Hill and Jack Dewar. Ormesby A’s best performance came from Jack Cope who beat White at 12-10 in the decider and Ashwell by 3-1. The A team kept the score respectable by winning the Doubles by 12-10 in the decider.

The team in third place, Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A maintained their hopes of finishing in that position when they beat Ormesby C by 7-3. Shannon Walker was the star of the match scoring a hat trick whilst Kevin Lindsey won two. Ben Savage did well to win two for Ormesby.

Ormesby B are now at the top of the table with 85 points from 11, Ormesby A remain in the frame provided that they can win their outstanding matches by a good margin, they have 62 points from 8, Beaumont are third with 54 from 11 and they are challenged by both Hartlepool Westbourne who have 49 from 10 and Northfield who are on 45 from 9.

Weekending 18 August 2017

The battle for the 2nd Division Championship of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League became even closer last week when the team in 2nd position, Northfield B beat the leaders Hartlepool Westbourne B by 6-4.

Lee Russell was the star of the match for Northfield scoring a hat trick whilst Tom Webster did well to win two. The match was very close with two of the sets going to five games, and being won by Northfield. Webster beat Alan Price at 11-5 in the fifth, and Lee Russell beating Price by 11-6 in the decider. For Westbourne B, Alan Price, Gary Pearson and Jason Lloyd all won one with Alan Price joining with Andy Greason to win the Doubles to bring the score line back to 4-6.

Northfield B themselves had earlier run into some difficulties against their own C team when Steve Burge had scored a hat trick. Despite Steve Burge’s victories, the B team still won the match but only by 6-4 with two each from Tom Webster, Lee Russell and one from Gary Whittle.

The 3rd team in contention for honours in Division 2, Nunthorpe B defeated Westbourne C by 7-3 with a hat trick from David Hildreth and two each from Trevor Teasdale and John Goulding. John Harper produced some stubborn resistance for Westbourne B beating Trevor Teasdale and taking John Goulding to deuce in the fifth.

Westbourne B lead the division with 103 points from 13 matches whilst Northfield B are just 1 point behind on 102. Nunthorpe B remain in the frame with 91 points with a match in hand.

Weekending 11 Angust 2017

Hartlepool’s Westbourne A improved their chances of clinching third position in the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week when they defeated Ormesby C by 8-2.

Keith Robertson was the star of the Westbourne A team scoring a hat trick winning all of his three sets in straight games. Ormesby David Noutch produced a surprise win against Jimmy Scope at 11-9 in the decider whilst Chrissy Edwards did well to beat Tony Leonard. Tony Leonard and Jimmy Scope won two each for Westbourne A.

Ormesby C produced a good result earlier in the week when they defeated Northfield A by 8-2

Nigel Savage produced the best results for Ormesby C scoring a hat trick whilst Luke Robinson and Ben Savage won two each.

Tom Webster produced the best performance for Northfield A winning two of his sets and coming close to winning the third when he was defeated by Nigel Savage at 11-9 in the decider. This match was closer than the score line suggests as Ormesby C won four of their eight sets narrowly in the deciding game.

This defeat had an adverse effect on Northfield A’s hopes of finishing in third place in the competition.

Weekending 4 August 2017

Ormesby B maintained their momentum in their bid to win the 1st Division Championships of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week when they defeated Nunthorpe A by 10-0. Dave Ashwell, Karl Shaw and Michael Young all scored hat tricks for Ormesby in a match that was not as easy as the score line suggests, with most of the sets needing to go to four games. Glen Hodgson for Nunthorpe produced strong opposition as he took as least one game from all three Ormesby players.

These results puts Ormesby B 23 points ahead of their own A team who are in second place. Although the A team are unbeaten and have three games in hand.

One of the teams that normally challenges for honours is Beaumont Nomads Accountancy A dropped six points to their own B team in last weeks fixtures losing by 6-4. This was mainly due to a hat trick from Tony Langley. Nicky Hobson West and Kevin Lindsey won two each for the A team although both won their sets by very narrow margins.

These results effectively means that both Beaumont teams are likely to finish mid-table.

Weekending 27 July 2017

The lead at the top of Division Two of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League has reduced to just one point after the team at the top of the division Westbourne B dropped three valuable points to the own C team. Andy Greason was the star of the B team scoring a hat trick for Westbourne C. Darren Grey did most of the damage for the C team beating David Hutchinson in straight games and Gary Pearson by 3-1.

Lorna Dunning won one for the C team beating David Hutchinson in straight games. Their two main rivals made short work of their opponents with Northfield B beating Ormesby E 10-0 and Nunthorpe B following suit with a 10-0 victory against Ormesby J.

For Northfield B Tom Webster, Gary Whittle and Lee Russell won comfortably against Ormesby E winning all 10 sets in straight games whilst for Nunthorpe Trevor Teasdale, John Hanson and David Hildreth all scored hat tricks with Trevor Teasdale being the only player to drop a game to Brian Holloway.

Westbourne B still lead the table with 81 points, from their 10 matches. Northfield B are just 1 point behind on 80 points whilst Nunthorpe B trail by 5 points at 76 points. All three teams haven played 10 fixtures so there is a close finish expected to the season.

Weekending 21 July 2017

The battle for honours at the top of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League intensified last week as both Ormesby A and Ormesby B teams pressed for the title with 10-0 victories.

Ormesby B leads the table with 55 points from 7 matches.  Their victory when visiting Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B by 10-0 was not as comfortable as the score line suggests.  In the opening set Craig Dring for Beaumont came very close to beating Michael Young, with the Ormesby player winning by 11-9 in the deciding game.  Thomas Raynor was the best player on show scoring a comfortable hat trick whilst Adam Ridley was also unbeaten, although he dropped games to Craig Dring and Tony Langley.

Ormesby A followed suit with a 10-0 victory against their own C team with hat tricks from David Gofton, Joe Cope and Jack Cope with only one set going to the fifth game and that was when Chrissy Edwards stretched Joe Cope to 11-5 in the decider.

Northfield A who are also championship contenders lost ground when they were taken to a 5-5 draw by third placed Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A.  For Northfield A, Karina Le Fevre scored a hat trick whilst Anthony Phoenix and Shannon Walker won two each for Beaumont A.  Beaumont A have 33 points from 7 matches, whilst Northfield A have 31 points from 6.

Weekending 14 July 2017

Hartlepool Westbourne B moved further ahead at the top of Division 2 of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League when they defeated Ormesby D, a team of improving youngsters, by 10-0.

The Westbourne match was won by Jason Lloyd, David Hutchinson and Gary Pearson who all won in straight games, except Jason Lloyd lost one game to Jonah Hannaway.  The closet set was the Doubles when Jason Lloyd and Pearson beat Jonah Hannaway and Reem Rassem 14-12 in the decider.

The team in second place in the Division Nunthorpe B dropped 3 points when they visited Northfield C, thanks to a hat trick from Steve Burge.  Trevor Teasdale, Barbara Kearney and David Hildreth all won 2 for Nunthorpe.  Another team in contention for honours is Northfield B who did not have a match in last week’s fixture.

Westbourne B leads the Division having won all of their eight matches with 71 points, while Nunthorpe B are 12 points behind.  Third placed Northfield B have 51 points but have a game in hand.

Weekending 7 July 2017

League leaders Ormesby B lost ground in their bid to clinch the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League First Division title last week when they were held to a 5-5 draw by the Hartlepool team, Westbourne A.

Jimmy Scope and Keith Robertson provided most of the opportunities for Westbourne A with Jimmy Scope scoring a narrow victory over Karl Shaw at 12-10 in the decider.  Keith Robertson also won against Karl Shaw, this was by 3-1.  The star of the Ormesby B team was David Ashwell, although he was stretched to five games by Scope.

Ormesby A who are in second place at the moment are looking strong prospects for the title, recorded a comfortable 9-1 win over Nunthorpe A with hat tricks from George Hill and David Gofton.  Nunthorpe A’s surprise win was scored by Robert Evans who beat Jack Cope at 11-5 in the decider.

Another team in contention for the title is Northfield A, who also lost ground when they dropped four points to Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B winning 6-4.  Karina Le Fevre was the star of this match, scoring a hat trick for Northfield A, whilst Sam Hitchin and Isobel Ashley won two each for Beaumont B.  Malcolm Corking and Ian Plummer both won one each for Northfield A against Jane Lynas.

These results put Ormesby B in the top position with 36 points from five matches, whilst Ormesby A are in second place with 29 points from four, Westbourne A are in third position with 26 points from five matches whilst Northfield A are with 25 points from four.

Weekending 30 June 2017 – KO Handicap Cup – Round One

Nunthorpe A have won through to the second round of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League Handicap Knock-out Cup competition when they won the closest match so far against Northfield C by 5 sets to 3.

Barbara Kearney and Bob Evans both won 2 for Nunthorpe A whilst David Williams won one of his matches. Northfield started well when Lauren Parfit beat Barbara Kearney in the first set. Bob Evans defeated Alice Jones to level but Northfield went ahead again 2 – 1 when Simon Jones beat David Williams. Nunthorpe came back to 2 all when Barbara Kearney beat Alice Jones then Northfield went ahead for the third time as Simon Jones defeated Bob Evans. David Williams then defeated Lauren Parfit to bring the score back to 3 all. To win the match for Nunthorpe Barbara Kearney beat Simon Jones and Bob Evans beat Lauren Parfit to take the score to 5-3.

Also in the first round of the cup Northfield B scored a 5-3 victory over Ormesby F when Gary Whittle was the star of the match scoring a hat trick for Northfield, while Tom Webster won 2. Noel Thomas was the best Ormesby player on show winning 2 of his 3 sets.

Ormesby A made short work of Westbourne A winning by 5-1 with two wins from David Gofton and Jack Dewar whilst George Hill won the one.

Ormesby C enjoyed a strong victory over Nunthorpe B by 5-0. Nigel Savage and Chris Edwards both won 2 and Luke Robinson won 1 for Ormesby in this fixture.

Weekending 23 June 2017

Hartlepool Westbourne B increased their lead at the top of the 2nd Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League when the defeated Northfield D 10-0, with hat tricks from Alan Price, Gary Pearson and Jason Lloyd.  In the 10 sets there was only one close, when Lloyd was taken to 11-7 in the decider by Dan Walker after trailing 2-1.

Northfield B who are in second position in the table maintain their interest in the Championship race with a 9-1 victory over Ormesby D.  Tom Webster and Gary Whittle both scored hat tricks.  Jonah Hannaway won one for Ormesby D with a victory against Lee Russell.

Third placed Nunthorpe B lost ground when they were taken to 6-4 by Ormesby E.  Barbara Kearney was the star of the match for Nunthorpe scoring a hat trick.  Trevor Teasdale won two.  Chris Gunn was the best Ormesby player on show with two victories.

Orm E v Nun B 21 June 2017

Left to Right:  Tom Hand and John McCullow of Ormesby G, playing doubles against

Barbara Kearney and Bernie Welford of Nunthorpe B with umpire John Goulding from Nunthorpe B

Westbourne C kept their interest in the Championship race when they defeated Ormesby G by 7-3.  John Harper and Darren Gray won three each for Westbourne and combined to win the doubles.

Westbourne B lead the division having won all of their six matches so far with 52 points.  Northfield B who have won five of their six matches are second with 47 points, whilst Nunthorpe B slip into third place with five wins and 46 points.  Westbourne C remain in the frame with 33 points but with a match in hand.

Weekending 16 June 2017

With a hat trick from Joe Cope, Ormesby A improved their prospects of honours in the 1st Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week when they defeated the team at the top of the table, Ormesby B at 6-4.  Joe Cope’s hat trick was not easy.  In a hard match he defeated Carl White, who took the England Cadet to 19-17 in the fourth game before conceding.

David Gofton also did well with two victories for Ormesby A over Carl White 3-1 and Michael Young in straight games.  David Gofton recovered from 2-0 to level at 2-2 against David Ashwell before losing 11-9 in the decider.  David Ashwell was the star for the B team.  He also defeated George Hill.

With two wins from Chriss Edwards, Ormesby C produced a good performance against the Champion contenders, Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A.  The star of the match was Mark Walpole who scored a hat trick for Beaumont.  Also for Beaumont, Stephen Baines won two before losing to Chris 3-1.

With a hat trick from Jimmy Scope and two wins from Anthony Lennard and Keith Robertson, Westbourne A did well to beat Beaumont B 7-3.  Peter Abell replied with two wins for Beaumont.

Weekending 9 June 2017

Hartlepool’s Westbourne B have taken an early lead in the 2nd Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League following last week’s fixtures. They defeated the team in second place Northfield B by 6-4, despite a hat trick from Tom Webster. Andy Greason, Jason Lloyd and David Hutchinson all won two each for Westbourne. The match itself could not have been closer as Webster’s hat trick included a win of 11-9 in both the fourth and fifth sets against Andy Greason and Jason Lloyd’s pair was scored after beating Lee Russell 11-9 in the decider.

The team in third place, Nunthorpe B were held to a 5-5 draw by Westbourne C. Barbara Kearney for Nunthorpe B was the star of this match scoring a hat trick whilst David Hildreth won two. John Harper was the best player for Westbourne C winning two of his sets.

Westbourne B lead the division with 35 points from four matches played, whilst Northfield B are seven points behind on 28. Nunthorpe B who have a match in hand are unbeaten on 23 points.

Weekending 2 June 2017

Northfield A and Ormesby B continue their good start to the season in the 1st division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League, both winning by substantial margins in last weeks’ fixtures.

Northfield A visited Ormesby C and won 10-0 with hat tricks from Malcom Corking, Michael Laird and Karina Le Fevre. Ormesby B entertained Nunthorpe A and won 9-1 with hat tricks from Carl White and Thomas Rayner, whilst Michael Young won two of, one of which was against Dave Williams at 12-10 in the decider.

Ormesby A have also made a good start with a 8-2 win Westbourne A with a hat trick from David Gofton. George Hill and Jack Dewar both won two each before losing to Jimmy Scope. Scope’s win against George Hill was 13-11 in the decider.

Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A who are normally in contention for the title lost points when they were defeated by their own B team, Craig Dring was the star of the match scoring a hat trick for the B team including a win over Kevin Linsley at 11-7 in the decider. Tony Langley won two and Simon Sharples won one, Kevin Linsley won his other two sets for the A team.

In the second match Beaumont A defeated Nunthorpe A 6-4 with a hat trick from Stephen Baines. David Williams was the best player for Nunthorpe A winning two of his three sets.

The league tables show Northfield A at the top with 18 points from 2 matches played, with Ormesby B in second place on 17 points. Beaumont A having played three matches are in third place in the tables with 12 points. Ormesby A are in early contention with 8 points from one win.

Weekending 19 May 2017

Northfield A and Ormesby B opened their fixtures in the Premier Division of the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League last week with 8-2 victories.

Northfield visited Nunthorpe A their victory was achieved with three wins from Michael Laird, Malcolm Corking. Mike Fenby and David Williams replied with one each for Nunthorpe. The closest match of the evening was won by veteran Corking over Williams at 11-8 in the decider.

Ormesby B scored their 8-2 victory with a win over former champions Beaumont A. Dave Ashwell was the star of the team scoring a hat trick whilst Michael Young and Karl Shaw won two sets each. Steve Baines replied with two wins for Beaumont. The closet match was the Doubles in which Ashwell and Young defeated Peter Sermon and Mark Walpole at 11-8 in the decider.






Left to right: Malcolm Noble, Bruce Lowther, Geoff Howe and Robert Evans

Well done to Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C who were the worthy winners of the 2016 KO Cup beating Ormesby TTC G by 5 points to 2 points.

The Ormesby TTC G team put up a good fight but were unable overcome the handicap.

The team of Ormesby 50+ players were cheered on by a group of their supporters including the Reverend Marie Edwards (not a member of the 50+ players).

Orm G Sum KO Cup R Up 2016 

The latest handicaps are below the match reports

Division One –  W/E October 7   P W D L PTS
1 Swerve A 18 16 0 2 140
2 Ormesby TTC C 18 16 0 2 133
3 Ormesby TTC D 18 11 2 5 114
4 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A 18 9 1 8 100
5 Ormesby TTC A 18 11 1 6 99
6 Ormesby TTC B 18 9 1 8 99
7 Nunthorpe TTC A 18 5 2 11 78
8 Northfield TTC A 18 5 3 10 63
9 Westbourne A 18 3 0 15 46
10 Bishop Auckland A 18 0 0 18 28


Division Two – W/E October 7   P W D L PTS
1 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B 16 13 0 3 113
2 Ormesby TTC E 16 10 2 4 107
3 Nunthorpe TTC B 16 10 2 4 97
4 Darlington A 16 8 3 5 91
5 Northfield TTC B 16 9 2 5 89
6 Westbourne B 16 8 0 8 78
7 Swerve B 16 4 4 8 65
8 Ormesby TTC G 16 2 2 12 42
9 Ormesby TTC F 16 0 1 15 38


Division Three – W/E October 7   P W D L PTS
1 Swerve D 12 11 1 0 103
2 Northfield TTC C 12 8 0 4 78
3 Bishop Auckland B 12 6 3 3 66
4 Ormesby TTC H 12 2 5 5 52
5 Bishop Auckland C 12 5 2 5 51
6 Ormesby TTC J 12 2 2 8 39
7 Ormesby TTC K 12 0 3 9 31

Match reports weekending 30 September 2016

With a 10-0 victory in last weeks’ fixtures over their main rivals, Ormesby C, Swerve A are favourites to win the first division of the Cleveland and District Summer Table Tennis League.

The Swerve victory was achieved with three wins each from Anthony Phoenix, Josh Harland and Nuradin Muktar.

The match was hard fought but only one of the 10 sets needed a decider, when Joe Cope took Phoenix to 5 in the open set.

This win puts Swerve four points ahead of the table with one match to play against mid table, Ormesby A.

Until the match with Swerve Ormesby C looked to be the possible champions as the defeated 3rd placed Beaumont Nomads by 7 sets to 3, with 3 from Joe Cope, and 2 each from Jack Cope and David Gofton. Mark Walpole and Steve Cooper won 1 each for Nomads.

Another good performance in last week’s fixtures was recorded by George Hill who scored a hat trick for Ormesby D in their 5-5 draw with Ormesby B.  Sam Bailey and Thomas Raynor won 2 each for the Ormesby B team.

Match reports weekending 23 September 2016

Ormesby C team’s chances of clinching the Division 1 Championship of the Cleveland and District Summer Table Tennis League, took a knock in last week’s fixtures, when they were beaten 6-4 by their own Ormesby A team.

The defeat was in despite an impressive hat trick from Joe Cope, who beat Dave Ashwell and Karl Shaw by 3-1 and Michael Young at 11-3 in the decider.

The C team won the doubles, when Joe Cope combined with his brother, Jack, to beat Michael Young and David Ashwell at 11-2 in the decider.

David Ashwell and Karl Shaw, both won two each for Ormesby A, with victories over Jack Cope and David Gofton.  Prior to losing to Ormesby A, the C team scored a 9-1 victory over Bishop Auckland A, with hat tricks from both of the Cope brothers and two from David Gofton, who was defeated by Troy Maddison.

Ormesby C’s opponents for the championship, Swerve A, enjoyed an 8-2 victory over Nunthorpe A, with hat tricks from Anthony Phoenix and Josh Harland.

Anne Pashley and Dave Williams won one each, for Nunthorpe with wins against James Hill.

The results means that Swerve A still lead the table with 121 from 16 matches, while Ormesby C are in second place with 120, but with a match in hand.

Ormesby C to win the title still have it all to do in their remaining three fixtures.  They play the team in third place, Beaumont Accountancy Nomads twice, and the team leading the championship, Swerve A, once.  Swerve also have to play Ormesby A, so the championship race is still wide open.

Alan Ransome OBE

Match reports weekending 16 September 2016

With a 6-4 victory over rivals, Nunthorpe B, Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B have built a 4-point lead at the top of Division 2 of the Cleveland and District Summer Table Tennis League.

The match between the two championship contenders was a hard fought and close contest.  Bob Evans was the star of the match for Beaumont scoring a hat trick this included a win over Nick Bashford at 11-4 in the decider.  Malcolm Noble played well to win two; both of which were won by a close margin in the deciding game.  Malcolm Noble beat Barbara Kearney at 11-8, and Chris Gunn at 11-7.

For Nunthorpe, Nick Bashford was the best player, winning two including a very close battle with Simon Sharples at 11-9 in the decider.

Barbara Kearney won one for Nunthorpe, beating Simon Sharples by three games to one.

The team in second place Ormesby E, lost points on their visit to Darlington playing a 5-5 draw, mainly due to a hat trick from Darlington’s Callum McCrae.

For Ormesby, Callum McMenamin was the best player on show, winning two whilst Ben Piggott and Malcolm Muldoon, won one each.  Katie Wray won one for Darlington, beating Ben Piggott at 12-10 in the decider.

Malcolm Muldoon’s win for Ormesby, was also by the narrowest of margins, beating Rana Rassem.  Ormesby clinched the draw with Ben Piggott and Callum McMenamin winning the doubles, by a narrow margin.

Ormesby E improved their title chances by beating their own G team by 10-0, with hat tricks from Adam Gent, Callum McMenamin and Ben Piggott.  Although the score line was 10-0, two of the sets, played by Adam Gent, needed a deciding game.

In the league table, Beaumont are top, with 106 points from 15 matches, whilst Ormesby E are in close contention with 102 from 15.  Nunthorpe, after their defeat to Beaumont, are now trailing with 92 from 15, and are now out of the running for the Championship.

Alan Ransome OBE

Cleveland Summer League Tournament Report 10 July 2016

Alec Ward of Swerve won the Open Singles in the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis Leaue Championships which were played at the Ormesby Club last Sunday 10 July 2016.

Alec won the title by beating Josh Harland in straight games in the semi-final and Ormesby’s Joe Cope in straight games in the final.

In the semi-final Cope did well to beat the Ormesby veteran Dave Ashwell 11-8 in the fifth game. Ward added the division one title to the open singles by beating his team mate Steve Brunskill in straight games in the final.

The Junior Boys Singles was won by Nuradin Muktar of Swerve who beat Josh Harland in the final in straight games.

The Junior Girls event was won by Swerve’s Holly Williams who beat Ormesby’s Beth Wardell in straight games to take the title.

The Cadet Boys Singles event was won by Kieran Wardell who defeated his Ormesby team mate David Gofton by 3 games to 1 in the final.

The Cadet Girls Singles was won by Kelsey Bradley of Swerve who beat her team mate Jess Dunn by 3-1 to clinch the title.

The Veteran Singles was won by David Ashwell who beat Steve Brunskill in straight games in the final.

The Division Two title was won by Northfield’s Tommy Webster who beat Ormesby’s Chris Edwards by 3 games to 1.

The Division 3 title was won by Thomas Lambert of Swerve who beat Northfields Richard Anderson in three straight games.

The Handicap Singles winner was Thomas Lambert who had a 7 points start, beat Jessica Dunn.

Whilst the final of the Handicap doubles was between four Ormesby players, brothers Jack and Joe Cope who beat brother and sister Kiernan and Beth Wardell 21-20 in the final end. Kieran and Beth having a 10 points start.


The final will be played at Ormesby Table Tennis Club on Wednesday 12 October at 7.00pm

 7 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C  – 5  points 25  Ormesby TTC G 3 points


The teams highlighted in red advance to the next round

Home Team  Away Team 
  7 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B    W/O  v 11 Ormesby TTC C
17 Ormesby TTC G – 5 points v 25 Ormesby TTC F – 2 points



   Home Team     Away Team 
 4 Northfield TTC B – 2 points v   7 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B – 5 points
11 Ormesby TTC C – 5 points v 16 Northfield TTC C – 3 points
17 Ormesby TTC G – W/O v 24 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A
25 Ormesby TTC F – 5 points v 32 Westbourne B – 4 points



 Home Team Away Team
 2 Ormesby TTC H – 1 point  v  4 Northfield TTC B  – 5 points
 5 Ormesby TTC E – 2 points  v  7 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B – 5 points
 9 Westbourne A  v 11 Ormesby TTC C – W/O
14  Ormesby TTC Wheelers J  – 4 points  v 16 Northfield TTC C – 5 points
17 Ormesby TTC G – 5 points  v 20 Ormesby TTC B – 2 points
22 Bishop Auckland B  v 24 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads A – W/O
25 Ormesby TTC F – 5 points  v 28 Ormesby TTC A  – 3 points
29 Nunthorpe TTC B – 2 points  v 32 Westbourne B – 5 points


 Home Team Away Team
1 Darlington A v 2 Ormesby TTC H  – W/O
3 Bye v 4 Northfield TTC  B
5 Ormesby TTC E v 6 Bye
7 Beaumont Acc Nomads B – 5 points  v 8 Ormesby TTC D – 3 points
9 Westbourne A v 10 Bye
11 Ormesby TTC C – 5 points v 12 Bishop Auckland A – 1 point
13 Nunthorpe TTC A – 4 points v 14 Ormesby TTC J Wheelers – 5 points 
15 Bye v 16 Northfield TTC C
17 Ormesby TTC G v 18 Bye
19 Northfield TTC A v 20 Ormesby TTC B – W/O
21 Bye v 22 Bishop Auckland B
23 Bye v 24 Beaumont Acc Nomads A
25 Ormesby TTC F v 26 Bye
27 Bishop Auckland C v 28 Ormesby TTC A  W/O
29 Nunthorpe TTC B v 30 Bye
31 Ormesby TTC K – 0 points v 32 Westbourne B – 5 points

HANDICAPS TO BE USED FROM – Monday 15 August 2016

Edward Adams 61 Richard Anderson 51 Nigel Arnison 94  David Ashwell -1
Terry Bache 70 Sam Bailey 3 Stephen Baines 14 David Ball 38
Nicholas Bashford 32 Marc Besford 42 Gavin Boggitt 59 Marc Bonnor 78
Kieran Bowes 66 Mike Boyce 13 Luke Bradburn 11 David Brown 63
Stephen Brunskill -9 Steve Burge 23 Lewis Cadden 14 Dennis Cline 104
Stephen Cooper -2 Jack Cope  3 Joe Cope 2 Nick Corking 14
Brian Cowan 37
Jane Dale 65 Paul Dale 29 John Daley 64 Ryan Davis 69
Syd Davis 44 Jack Dewar 14 Alex Dickons 67 Ken Dinsdale 51
Will Dobinson 5 Carl Draper 44 Craig Dring 16 Barbara Dumphy 74
Jess Dunn 44
Chris Edwards 39 Marie Edwards 92 Robert Evans 25 Mike Fenby 10
David Foreman 49 Alan Fowler 50 Katie Gell 72
Adam Gent 29 Joel Gibson 37 Hayden Gilmore 68
David Gofton 10 Darren Gray 52
Andrew Greason 24 Andrew Green 78 Nigel Green 65 Erin Greensmith 49
Chris Gunn 38 Adam Hanby 58 Tom Hand 42 Josh Harland -2
John Harper 40 Tommy Hawkes 69 Andrew Hegarty 40 Dave Hildreth 34
George Hill 9 James Hill 20 Arek Hnat 41 Glenn Hodgson 37
Brian Holloway 59 Geoff Howe 31 Samuel Hume 21 Zak Hutchinson 35
Jack Jacomb 24
Chris Johns   8 Barbara Kearney 25 Thomas Lambert 60 Tony Langley 12
John Lawton 39 Anthony Leonard 27 Kevin Linsley 22 Daniel Litte 73
Jason Lloyd 40 Terry Lonsdale 54 Bruce Lowther 39 Andrew Lund 28
Jane Lynas 43
Troy Maddison 25 Kashif Mahmood 76 Peter McIntosh 69 Mike McMahon 43
Callum McMenamin 34 Callum McCrae 42 Anya Milne 83 Luke Mitchell 62
Jemal Mohamed 5 James Morris 46 Nuradin Muktar -6 Malcolm Muldoon 24
Jordan Murray 77
Ryan Nassau 18 Malcolm Noble 27 David Noutch 26 Lauren Parfitt 56
Stuart Park 15 Anne Pashley 18 David Pashley 13
Jamie Peacock 41 Katie Peacock 49
Barry Pearson 21 Gary Pearson 42 Matthew Pearson 63
Kalinga Perera 91 Sahan Perera 88 Peter Phillips 33 Anthony Phoenix -18
Ben Piggott 34 Michael Pincher 78 Ian Plummer 19 Gus Poole 42
Alan Price 28 Rana Rassem 52 Chris Rayner 42 Tom Rayner 19
John Rees 103 Adam Ridley 14 Keiron Robertson 57 Keith Robertson 12
Eileen Robinson 48 Luke Robinson 31 Carol Rodway 80 Lee Russell 37
Chris Samuels 69 Peter Sermon 16 Edward Sett  31 Simon Sharples 25
Karl Shaw   5 Emma Smith 77 Michael Smith 61 Ryan Stainsby 59
Trevor Teasdale 35
Noel Thomas 61 Lee Tinkler 22 Stephen Tuck 45 Robert Turner 80
Peter Wagner 56 Dan Walker 68 Mark Walpole -4 Alec Ward -12
Bethany Wardell 70 Kieran Wardell 4 John Waterworth 108 Phil Webster 25
Tommy Webster 28
Bernie Welford 41 Carl White 6 Tom Whittaker 27 Gary Whitttle 46
Gary Whyman 15 Dave Williams 18 Alex Wilson 51 Eve Witterick 72
Katie Wray 65 Joel Wright 11 Jonathan Youdale 68  Michael Young 2



2015 Knock Out Handicap Cup Winners

Wheelers KO Cup Sum League 2015 2

Ormesby Wheelers J – Winners of the 2015 Summer League KO Handicap Cup

Left to right: John Fenwick, Brian Holloway, Alan Ransome, Andrew Green and Gary Bonnar


2015- 55 Years

of Table Tennis


Ormesby TTC A and Beaumont Accountanc Nomads A closed the gap at the top of Division 1 of the Cleveland & District Table Tennis League when they scored convincing wins against Northfield TTC A and Nunthorpe TTC A in last weeks fixtures.

Ormesby’s victory was by 9 sets to-1 with hat tricks from Josh Harland and Adam Smith. Luke Bradburn scored the lone victory for Northfield with a 3-1 win over Peter Wilkinson. Bradburn came close to winning a second set against Josh Harland before the Ormesby player won the 5th game at 12-10. Jack Cope from Northfield came close with Adam Smith also 12-10 in the decider.

Beaumont A defeated Nunthorpe A by 8 sets to 2 with a hat trick from Mark Walpole. David Williams produced most of the opposition for Nunthorpe with 2 wins against Stephen Baines and Tony Langley. David Pashley went close with Langley before losing at 12-10 in the decider.

Swerve A still lead the table with 69 from 8, whilst Ormesby A with 57 from 7 and Beaumont with 51 from 7 remain in contention.



Two Ormesby Junior players, Josh Harland and Josh Weatherby excelled in the Cleveland and District Summer Table Tennis League Championships which took place at Ormesby Table Tennis Club on Sunday 28 June.

Josh Harland won the 2 main singles events beating the same player, Middlesbrough & District and Cleveland County Champion Martin Rutter in both finals.

The Open Singles victory for Harland was won in three very close games, with a 15-13, 19-17 and 11-9 score.

The Division One Singles final needed 4 games after Rutter had won the third at 11-5. Harland clinched the title by winning the 4th end 11-9.

Earlier in the day Harland had been surprised by 11 year old Joshua Weatherby who beat the top seed in the final of the Junior Singles when the youngster won by 3 games to 1 with the 4th at 11-6.

In the Cadet Singles where Weatherby was top seed, the Junior Champion was stretched by another promising Ormesby junior player David Gofton who came back from 2-0 down to level at 2 all before Weatherby took the decider 11-6.

The Veterans (over 40’s title) was won by David Ashwell who beat Darlington’s David Noutch in 3 close games, 11-8, 12-10, 11-9.

In the other Divisional Singles, Hartlepool’s Ben Goodchild defeated Beaumont Accoutancy Nomad’s Bruce Lowther by 3 games to 1 whilst two Ormesby players played in the 3rd Division final which was won by Chris Samuels who defeated Brain Holloway by the same score.

Another Ormesby Cadet player Chris Edwards excelled in the two Handicap events winning the Singles by beating Northfield’s Amy Webster by the narrowest of margins. Edwards won the decider by 18-16. Edwards also won the Handicap Doubles partnered by Callum McManamin. In another close match they beat Ormesby’s George Hill and David Gofton coming back after losing the first game to win the 2nd 21-19 and the decider 21-12.

The Wheelchair Singles was won by Marc Bonnar who beat Brian Holloway in straight games. This result followed a six player Round Robin event where John Fenwick, Noel Thomas, Andrew Green and Peter McIntosh also took part.






DIVISION ONE Pld Won Drawn Lost Pts
Swerve  A 10 10 0 0 86
Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  A 9 8 0 1 71
Ormesby TTC  A 9 8 0 1 67
Northfield TTC  A 10 6 1 3 58
Ormesby TTC  B 8 5 1 2 50
Nunthorpe TTC  A 10 3 1 6 44
Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  B 9 2 1 6 32
Westbourne  A 10 4 0 6 32
Ormesby TTC  D 8 2 0 6 22
Swerve  B 8 1 0 7 22
Ormesby TTC  C 9 0 0 9 16


DIVISION TWO Pld Won Drawn Lost Pts
Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  C 11 10 0 1 86
Nunthorpe TTC  B 10 9 1 0 77
Westbourne  B 10 7 1 2 69
Darlington TTC  A 9 5 1 3 54
Hartlepool 8 5 2 1 52
Northfield TTC  B 10 5 0 5 52
Darlington TTC  B 9 4 0 5 45
Ormesby TTC  H 10 3 2 5 40
Ormesby TTC  E 10 2 1 7 35
Swerve  C 9 0 3 6 25
Ormesby TTC  G 9 0 1 8 20
Ormesby TTC  F 9 0 2 7 15

Above are four of the Division Two, Ormesby G team players, from left to right – Dave Foreman, Jane Dale, Alan Fowler and Syd Davis. All four players are members of the 50+ group that play on Monday and Thursday mornings from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.

Below are three members of the Division Two,  Northfield B team, from left to right – Steve Burge, Richard Anderson and Mohamed Mostafa.

Below are two more teams from the 50+ players playing in Division Two.  The six players are members from both Ormesby F and Ormesby E teams – left to right – Keith Lewis (E team), Tom Hand (F team), Billie Allan (E), Michael Hand (F), Ahmed Abass (E) and Terry Lonsdale (F).


DIVISION THREE Ply Won Drawn Lost Pts
Ormesby TTC  I 10 6 2 2 67
Swerve  D 9 6 2 1 63
Darlington TTC  D 8 6 2 0 56
Ormesby TTC  J Wheelers 8 3 0 5 39
Swerve  E 8 3 0 5 33
Darlington TTC  C 5 1 0 4 15
Ormesby TTC  K 8 0 0 8 7


Pictures above are five players from the Ormesby I and K teams.

Left to right: Tommy Hawkes (K team), Alan Edwards (I team), Rob Turner (K team) and Bethany Wardell and Victoria Linsley (I team).



Round Three – quarter finals

  4 Northfield TTC  A v   5 Ormesby TTC  I
12 Ormesby TTC  B v 16 Nunthorpe TTC  B
18 Ormesby J Wheelers v 21 Ormesby TTC  A
25 Ormesby TTC  H v 30 Darlington TTC  B

Round two

1 Westboune  B  3 points v 4 Northfield TTC  A  5 points
5 Ormesby TTC  I v 8 Ormesby TTC  G
9 Northfield TTC  B  4 points v 12 Ormesby TTC  B  5 points
14 Ormesby TTC  E  2 points v 16 Nunthorpe TTC  B  5 points
18 Ormesby TTC  J Wheelers  5 points v 20 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  B  1 points
21 Ormesby TTC  A  5 points v 23 Westbourne  A  2 points
25 Ormesby TTC  H  5 points v 27 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C  4 points
30 Darlington TTC  B  5 points v 32 Ormesby TTC  C  2 points

Round One

1 Westbourne B v 2 BYE
3 Ormesby TTC  D v 4 Northfield TTC  A
5 Ormesby TTC  I  W/Over v 6 Darlington TTC  A
7 BYE v 8 Ormesby TTC  G
9 Northfield TTC  B  W/Over v 10 Darlington TTC  D
11 BYE v 12 Ormesby TTC  B
13 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  A v 14 Ormesby TTC  E   W/Over
15 BYE v 16 Nunthorpe TTC  B
17 BYE v 18 Ormesby TTC  J
19 Ormesby TTC  K v 20 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  B   W/Over
21 Ormesby TTC  A v 22 Darlington TTC  C
23 Westbourne A v 24 BYE
25 Ormesby TTC  H v 26 Hartlepool TTC
27 Beaumont Accounancy Nomads C v 28 Ormesby TTC  F
29 Nunthorpe TTC  A v 30 Darlington TTC  B  W/Over
31 BYE v 32 Ormesby TTC  C


Ahmed Abass 46 Peter Abell 28 Sonnie Alder 48 Brian Alderson 31
Billy Allen 82 Richard Anderson 45 Bill Appleton 61 Nigel Arnison 96
Damien Ashman 130 Dave Ashwell -1 Shan Aslam 75 Terry Bache 65
Steve Baines 14 David Ball 35 Katie Barlow 20 Sophie Barlow 17
Gavin Boggitt 81 Marc Bonnar 94 Michael Boyce 15 Luke Bradburn 18
Kelsey Bradley 54 Dave Brown 100
Steve Burge 21 Steve Brunskill -4 Dave Carey 56
George Catmull 35 Ryan Chan 30 Colin Charity 28 Noel Clerkin 26
Dave Cochrane 60 Steve Cooper 0 Jack Cope 15 Joe Cope 15
Malcolm Corking 12 Brian Cowan 35 Simon Cripps 44 Lewis Crosby 78
Thomas Crowther 70 Jane Dale 60 Paul Dale 30 John Daley 68
Ryan Davis 96 Syd Davis 51 Brian Day 64 Jack Dewar 28
Ken Dinsdale 60 Will Dobinson 28
Chris Douglas 37 Craig Dring 18 Jessica Dunn 76
Madelaine Dunn 56 Alan Edwards 90 Chris Edwards 40 Robert Evans 30
Mike Fenby 17 John Fenwick 100 Paul Flanigan 26 Dave Foreman 70
George Forster 50 Alan Fowler 52 Adam Gent 49 David Gofton 32
Ben Goodchild 28 John Goulding 44 Daniel Gray 41 Andy Greason 25
Andrew Green 95 Nigel Green 78 Erin Greensmith 70 Chris Gunn 32
Michael Hand 61 Tom Hand 47 John Hanson 32 Josh Harland -11
John Harper 40 Tommy Hawkes 100 Andrew Hegarty 37 Mike Hegarty 75
Alan Heppell 68 David Hidreth 32 George Hill 36 James Hill 20
Sam Hitchen 11 Arek Hnat 46 Adam Hodgson 82
Brian Holloway 77 Daniel Howe 71 Geoff Howe 32 Paul Humes 38
D Hutchinson 29 B Kearney 30
Nathan Kell 12 Peter Krawlec 72 Tony Langley 10 Simon Laverick 51
John Lawton 34 Dave Lax 64 Karina Lefevre -4 Thomas Lambert 67
Anthony Leonard 28
Keith Lewis 43 Kevin Linsley 20 Victoria Linsley 63 Londesbrough 13
Terry Lonsdale 60 Bruce Lowther 35 Andrew Lund 29 Jane Lynas 45
Peter McIntosh 88 Mike McMahon 44 C McMenamin 60 D McQuade 75
Callum McRae 70 Travis Miller 68 Jemal Mohammed 10 Paul Moppett 50
James Morris 75
Slavek Moryson 47 Hany Mostafa 60 Nuradin Muktar 4 M Muldoon 22
Ryan Nassau 21 Mike Newton 50 Malcolm Noble 35 David Noutch 21
Stuart Park 22 Anne Pashley 21 David Pashley 16 James Peacock 51
Katie Peacock 51 Barry Pearson 20 Georgine Peart 50 Peter Phillips 28
A Phoenix -10 Ian Plummer 20 Adam Purcell 75 John Putson 80
Neil Raine 33
Anwar Rasoul 41 Thomas Rayner 41 Keith Robertson 25 E Robinson 52
Glyn Robinson 41 Luke Robinson 38 Martin Rutter -12 Chris Samuels 60
Peter Sermon 26 Simon Sharples 40 Karl Shaw 7 K Shepherd 5
Eric Smallwood 64 Adam Smith 3 Joe Smith 78 Mark Smith 54
Paul Smith -4 Steve Souter 12 Conor Storey 38 T Teasdale 33
Keith Thomas 35 Noel Thomas 81 Steve Tuck 40 Robert Turner 85
Peter Wagner 70 Mark Walpole -4 Alec ward -14 Hartley Ward 27
Beth Wardell 70 Kieran Wardell 23 Paul Warters 75 Bob Wasson 81
C Weatherby 35 Josh Weatherby 10 K Weatherby 6 Amy Webster 53
Phil Webster 17 Nick H-West 26
Derek Weedy 52 Bernie Welford 39 Calum White 17 Carl White 3
G Whitfield 48 Gary Whyman 19 P Wilkinson 5 David Williams 15
Holly Williams 17 Lily Williams 66 Alex Wilson 51 Katie Wray 82
John Wright 63 Michael Young 8 Albert Wilson 33


Open Singles – Joshua Harland beat Martin Rutter – 15-13, 19-17, 11-9.

Division One – Joshua Harland beat Martin Rutter – 11-7, 11-8, 5-11, 11-9.

Division Two – Ben Goodchild beat Bruce Lowther – 11-7, 9-11, 11-9, 11-9.

Division Three – Chros Samuels beat Brian Holloway – 9-11, 13-11, 11-5, 11-8.

JuniorSingles – Joshua Weatherby beat Joshua Weatherby 11-6, 11-8, 6-11, 11-6.

Cadet Singles – Joshua Weatherby beat David Gofton – 11-8, 11-6, 8-11, 8-11, 11-8.

Veterans Singles – Dave Ashwell beat David Noutch – 11-8, 12-10, 11-9.

Wheelchair  – Marc Bonnar beat Brian Holloway – 11-7, 11-9.

Handicap Singles – 12-14, 11-8, 18-16.

Handicap Doubles

Chris Edwards & Callum McMenamin beat George Hill & David Gofton 19-21, 21-19, 21-12.



Season  2014


Congratulaion to Northfield B who were the winners of the 2014 KO Cup with Hartlepool B finishing in second place.


Northfield B won the Cleveland & District Summer League Knockout Handicap Cup Competition after a knife edge finish in the final with Hartlepool B.

The match climaxed with the score at 4 all with Northfield’s Joe Cope playing Lewis Porritt.  Cope gave Porritt a 28 point start and won the first game at 21-6.  Cope won the second game at 21-8 so the match was tied at 42 points all.  Being the last match, the golden point rule applies where one point, sudden death, is played with the higher handicapped player having the service.  Porritt served but Cope won the point and took the match by just one point, with a 5-4 victory for his team the overall score.

For Northfield Jack Cope and Will Dobinson won 2 each whilst Joe Cope just won the vital final match.  For Hartlepool Josh and Connor Hudson won 2 each.

Alan Ransome OBE

League Tables up to Friday 3 October 2014

 DIVISION ONE Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Ormesby TTC  A 15 13 0 2 122
2 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  A 15 12 1 2 114
3 Swerve TTC A 15 11 1 3 101
4 Ormesby TTC  B 15 8 1 6 76
5 Northfield TTC  A 15 6 1 8 71
6 Nunthorpe TTC  A 15 7 0 8 66
1 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads B 14 8 1 5 74
2 Northfield TTC  B 13 2 3 8 51
3 Westbourne 14 1 3 10 48
4 Darlington A 14 3 1 10 38
5 Ormesby TTC  C 13 1 2 10 29


DIVISION TWO Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Darlington B 15 11 0 4 107
2 Beaumont Accountancy Nomads  C 15 9 2 4 106
3 Hartlepool TTC  A 15 9 3 3 101
4 Nunthorpe TTC  B 15 10 3 2 101
5 Northfield TTC  C 15 7 4 4 76
6 Ormesby TTC  D 15 3 3 9 51
1 Ormesby TTC  F 13 7 0 6 57
2 Darlington C 14 3 2 9 55
3 Swerve TTC  B 13 6 0 7 55
4 Darlington  D 13 1 2 10 35
5 Ormesby TTC  E 11 0 3 8 26


Left to right above Hartlepool C team players, Josh Hudson, Lewis Porritt and Travis Miller with team mascot Daniel Porritt who had just won their match 6 – 4 against the Ormesby H team. Below are four members of the Ormesby H team from left to right, Terry Bache, Tom Hand, Mathew Macfarlane (Hand) and Terry Lonsdale.


DIVISION THREE Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Ormesby TTC  G 17 14 1 2 140
2 Darlington E 17 10 2 5 103
3 Ormesby TTC  H 17 8 2 7 93
4 Hartlepool TTC  B 17 8 2 7 82
1 Swerve TTC  C 15 8 1 6 82
2 Hartlepool TTC  C 16 6 1 9 62
3 Ormesby TTC Wheelers  A 16 4 1 11 49
4 Ormesby TTC Wheelers  A 15 2 0 13 39






In the picture above are three members of the Ormesby Wheelers team after playing their first ever game in the Cleveland & District Summer Table Tennis League: front row left to right, Nigel Arnison, Andrew Green and John Fenwick three of the six members of the team.  Also standing at the back are Malcolm Muldoon – the Wheelers team coach, with Charlotte Weatherby and James Dale from the Ormesby Hopes B team.

In the picture below are two more members of the the Ormesby Wheelers team, Brian Holloway left and Peter McIntosh with their coach Malcolm Muldoon.


Two more team who are playing for the first time in the Cleveland Summer League are members from the Ormesby 50 plus group. They are pictured above shortly after finishing their match on Friday 14 June .

Left to right Ken Dinsdale, Sue Joyce, Gillian Dinsdale (Ken’s sister in law), Dorothy Allen, John Putson and Dave Foreman.

The ladies play for Ormesby TTC K and the men Ormesby TTC J.


PAUL SMITH  – Winner of the Summer League 2010 Open Singles title

Martin Rutter – Open Singles Winner 2010


Dave Ashwell picture above on the left and Dave Hutchinson on the right met up recently at a match at the Ormesby club after not seeing each other for almost 30 years.

Although Dave Hutchinson has continued to play and is currently playing for Hartlepool Westbourne, Dave Ashwell had not played for many years until he brought his two young children Michael and Katie along to the Saturday morning junior sessions at Ormesby. Now playing for Ormesby D, Dave A has soon regained some of his former skills and is really enjoying his return to table tennis.