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Happy New Year to All

As 2021 dawns let us all hope for a Healthy and Happy New Year for all our Table Tennis Friends

New Uear 2021

Ormesby Newsletter

Dear Members 

Following the Government announcement which moved Middlesbrough into Tier 4 yesterday, the guidance from Table Tennis England which comes from the Government is that the relaxation of restrictions which applies to coaching groups for Under 18 players, whilst being relaxed for Tiers 1, 2 and 3, are not relaxed for Tier 4. 

This means that the Top Squad at the club and any other club activities, for that matter, are discontinued for the time being. 

Up to now we do not have any indication of how long Middlesbrough will stay in Tier 4.  Clearly we will be watching this carefully and will contact you again as soon as there is some clarity on this or that we have notification that we can resume. 

I am sorry to bring you this notice however, I am sure you can all appreciate the second wave of the Coronavirus is very serious and we all need to keep ourselves safe. 

Finally, I would like to wish all our members a happy and successful new year.  I am confident in the information received from our Government and, in fact, the Governments across the western world, that these vaccines which are currently being offered to the population of this country will make a huge difference as far as the Coronavirus is concerned and that we will be back to normal, or as near normal as possible, in the spring or early summer. 

This means we will be able to resume the full club’s activities at that time and I will ensure that this happens at the earliest possible date when it is safe to do so. 

In the meantime, please look after your yourselves and our family and stay safe.  I am confident that 2021 is going to be a better year.

Best Wishes –  Alan Ransome

Lockdown Latest

Dear Members

As I am sure you are aware the new Government restrictions become operative from the 2nd December.   Tees Valley is in Tier 3 which imposes major restrictions on table tennis clubs such as ours.

Only the Top Squad juniors and junior coaching could go ahead prior to the lockdown.  We have had to cancel the Top Squad junior training and the junior coaching for the last month because of the lockdown, but we have been advised that we are able to restart this part of the clubs activities from the 2nd December.

We will, therefore, be planning to run sessions as before on a Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday from the 12th December up until Christmas.  We are still considering the other junior coaching.  These rules are due for revision by the Government on the 16th December so that could indicate a change, however, the likelihood is that the restrictions that are in place will remain until the new year, but we will keep an eye open for this.

I regret that I cannot bring better news across the whole club situation for our members, but clearly we need to comply with the guidelines and recommendations from the Government and Table Tennis England in respect of the above.

With regard to the Top Squad junior coaching, which is going ahead as above, I would like to remind all participants that the rules we needed to introduce to be compliant with the Covid-19 requirements are still in place and must be observed, copy attached.

I will keep you advised of developments as and when they become apparent.

Best Wishes

Alan Ransome

Second Lockdown for the Ormesby Club

Ormesby Table Tennis Club Newsletter

Dear Members
As I am sure you are aware the Government have issued a lockdown for the whole of England from 5th November through until at least 2nd December.
We have been checking with Table Tennis England to establish what the instructions  from the Government to the National Governing Body are for their member organisations.  The notice from Table Tennis England has confirmed that all table tennis clubs, such as ours, need to close down for the lockdown period.  This means that we will be unable to run any sessions, even for the under 18’s, between now and at least 2nd December, which means that all of our activities are on hold for the time being.
I will be following closely the information from Table Tennis England, will be in touch with the key people in the association and I will keep you advised of any developments.  I regret to provide this information to you but I am sure you all realise that is where we are at the moment.
This is an ideal opportunity for you to play at home if you have the facilities to be able to do so.  It may give you the chance to introduce the sport to some of your family members who are not enjoying the benefits of table tennis so far.
In any case, I wish you as good a build up as possible to Christmas in the current circumstances.
Take care and stay safe.
Best Wishes
Alan Ransome

Ormesby Table Tennis Club host the EJS

OTTC EJS Oct 2020

The Table Tennis England Junior Squad combined with some Ormesby Junior Players have had a great weekend training together at the Ormesby Club.

October Newsletter from Alan Ransome

Ormesby TTC Newsletter 06.10.20

Dear Members

As I believe the majority of the members are aware, we have received further guidance from Table Tennis England to the effect that as Middlesbrough is in one of the restricted Covid-19 areas, we should not organise any table tennis at the club for over 18’s.  The only sessions that can proceed are the ones for under 18’s in a bubble of up to 15 supervised by a coach or the one to one coaching sessions for the under 18 players.

We have always taken the view that it is very important that we take all the steps we can to protect our members from the virus, at the same time as encouraging the participation in table tennis.

I have been in contact with Table Tennis England with regard to all of this and I know that they are in communication with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, which is the government department responsible for dealing with the sports government bodies through Sport England, and are looking for the opportunity to relax the restrictions.

I am keeping on top of this and I am attending the Table Tennis England National Council meeting at the weekend when this will be one of the items on the agenda.  We will do all we can to resume play at the club as soon as we receive guidance to do so and when we are told it is safe.

Many thanks for your continued support during this difficult period.

Best Wishes
Alan Ransome OBE

Jimmy’s New Lockdown Poem

With the new Lockdown rules once again enforcing all players – apart from the Under 18’s – to have another break from Table Tennis We are please to have a poem especially written by Jimmy Scope.


We’ve all become players in this pantomime, as this corona virus takes control of our time.
We’ve all been restricted in the things that we do, we’ve been penalised by the acts of a few.
So for a while we must put play on to pause, as we must abide by the government’s new laws.
But hopefully soon we’ll all be delighted, when the club reopens and we are all reunited.

Jimmy Scope – Saturday 3 October 2020

TTKIDZ Girls Squad

 TTKIDZ after girls 18.08.20

After the club closed down on March 16 due to the Covid – 19 virus,

we thought we may lose the TTKIDZ girl’s squad which had been flourishing prior to the lockdown.

Fortunately, many of the group have now returned and it is great to see the numbers are building up again.


Table Tennis Returns to Ormesby

After 16 weeks of ‘Lockdown’ it was really good to see so many of the Ormesby members playing table tennis again.

With a reduction in the number of tables being used, and lots and lots of pre-planned precautions put into place, we hope our players enjoyed the experience while being  careful at the same time.

OTTC 50plus restart 27.07.20


A really positive start to the Ormesby 50+ sessions.

Although with a reduction of tables used, and all tables having to be booked prior to the session start, things appear to be going very well with every table fully book.

We appreciate everybody’s cooperation at this difficult time and although some things may appear to be a little different, just to be able to play table tennis once more is wonderful.


Hi Malcolm, Brenda, Gary, Alan
Thanks for all your hard work. It was an excellent start to the return of table tennis, I felt quite safe.
Best regards –  Mike Newton

John McCullow Well done Ormesby. Can’t wait till I have time to get back


It was great to get back playing this morning.
I was deeply impressed with the condition of the hall – never saw it looking better – and with the thoroughly professional arrangements that had been put in place to keep everybody safe. Couldn’t have been better.
I know that a huge amount of very hard work lay behind this. Very well done to you all.
Best wishes – Bob Wasson

Denis Neale covid19 27.07.20


Monday 27 July saw the first Top Squad session since Monday 16 March when Lockdown began for the Ormesby Club.

Denis Neale was pleased to be back coaching again and being extra careful wearing a visor and face mask.

With all tables full, it was nice to see the players back training hard, let us hope they have some competitions and leagues to play in soon.

Nigel Savage Good to be back training tonight. Thanks to everyone for the preparations. Those tables have been cleaned more tonight than the last ten years!
Chris Rayner Great to be back training. That’s to everyone who has put in a lot of hard work to get us to this point.

At Last !!!!!

Dear Members,

We are pleased that Ormesby Table Tennis Club will be opened again on Monday 27th July and we would like to welcome all of our members into the Club.

We are only being allowed to reopen with extensive strict guidelines being imposed.  We need to ensure that the Club is safe from a Covid-19 point of view and we have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that we are in compliance with the recommendations that are coming from the government and Table Tennis England.

We recognise that amongst our members several are in the vulnerable category and others are from families that have vulnerable members, therefore, it is essential that we take every possible step to ensure the Coronavirus is not transmitted in the Club.  We ask every member to take time to understand all of the new rules and to take great care to ensure that they are respected.  The conditions that have been placed on us are very difficult to implement and we have done our utmost to ensure that we provide the best table tennis possible whilst ensuring the safety of our members.

Alan Ransome OBE

Level 2 Umpire success for Gary

Gary Whyman

Congratulations to Gary Whyman who today qualified as a

Level 2 Umpire (National Umpire)
Well done Gary
Gary is the Umpire Secretary for Cleveland County Table Tennis Associaton and plays in the British Vetts League for Ormesby Table Tennis Club

Ormesby Table Tennis Club Closed Until Further Notice

Dear Members,

I regret to inform you that we have decided to follow Government advice and close the Table Tennis Club for the time being.

The Government advise given in the press conference at around 5:00pm yesterday was that individuals should avoid personal contact and should avoid going to facilities such as pubs, cinemas and clubs.  With the size of Ormesby Table Tennis Club we clearly fall into that category.

The Club has been open on a regular basis consistently for the last 60 years, and this is the first time we have felt it necessary to issue a closure notice.  It is not just that we need to protect the members and their families from the possibility of picking up this virus, we also have a responsibility with regard to our volunteers and staff, some of whom are of the age, which is designated by the Government, as being in greater danger.  Therefore, we do need to take action to protect them as well as our playing members.

At this stage we do not know how long the closure will be for.  This will be kept under review.  Unfortunately, we have little option, in my view, with this and we have taken the only sensible action in the circumstances.  It is very much our intention to reopen as soon as it is possible, and all members will be informed as soon as this decision has been taken.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Best Wishes

Alan Ransome

British Premier League North Ayrshire v Ormesby

Ormesby kept their hopes of a top four finish and a place in the final playoffs alive in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League on Saturday when they visited Scotland’s North Ayrshire and won by seven sets to nil.

Although the result was a big victory for the Teesside Club the sets were not as one sided as the score line suggests.

Ormesby’s Chinese Number 1, Sining Zhang, needed four games to beat Zak Wilson.  Darius Knight was taken to five sets by Wilson when Knight recovered from two games down to win 3-2.  Helshan Weerasinghe had a tight match against Colin Dalgleish winning three sets to one.

Helshan Weerasinghe 26 Feb 20

Helshan Weerasinghe – most consistant player

This result means that Ormesby are currently in a top four position, however, if the team in 5th position, BATTS from Harlow, beat the team in second place, Archway Peterborough, in the final match of season then Ormesby will be in 5th place and in the relegation zone.

The Teesside Club are already so far ahead of the bottom team, North Ayrshire, on sets they are safe from any danger of relegation from the top division.

English Primary School Selection for Ella

Ormesby youngster, 11 yar old, Ella Pashley has been selected to represent the England Primary Schools Team in the Home Table Tennis Internationals which are to be played in Douglas, Isle of Man between the 3rd and the 5th April.

Ella will be representing England in matches against Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Ella who attends Galley Hill Primary School in Guisborough has won her selection due to her current ranking in England where she is number two in the National under 12 Girls list.

Ella has also received a strong recognition by winning a number of competitions including the Under 13 Event in Scarborough, Blackpool and Darlington so far this season.

Included in the team with Ella are Sienna Jetha from Hertfordshire, Naomi Coker from Derbyshire and Brooke Morris form Manchester.

The head of delegation for the England School Teams is Stockton’s Steve Burge.

British League match results 15 January 2020

Ormesby teams in the British Table Tennis League produced some very good results in Saturday’s fixtures.  Ormesby’s Second team, who are in equal 2nd position with 12 points in the Championships Division of the British League, had a very good win against Archway Peterborough Seconds.

Josh Weatherby 18 Feb 2020

Josh Weatherby was the star of the Ormesby team, winning both his singles against Adam Jepson 11-9 in the 5th and George Downing 11-5 in the decider.  Liam McTiernan, Ben Piggott and Thomas Rayner contributed with 1 win each.

Ormesby’s wins were by narrow margins, with Ben Piggott beating George Downing  12-10 in the decider and Liam McTiernan beating Zac Cantor at 11-9 in the 5th and  Thomas Rayner winning 3-1 against Zac Cantor.

David Gofton produced the best results for Peterborough, beating Thomas Rayner and Ben Piggott by 3-1.

Ormesby’s second match in the Championship Division was against BATTS Second team who turned out a number of their players who normally participate in the Premier Division and they beat Ormesby’s Second team by 7-1.  Ormesby’s only victory came from Thomas Rayner who had a narrow win, 11-8 in the 5th, over Ethan Walsh.

In Division National B, Ormesby’s  Third team won both their fixtures against Orsted of Grimsby 5-4 and Halton from Merseyside 6-3.  Jack Cope produced the best results, being unbeaten with 4 wins whilst Adam Webster and Ben Savage won 3 each and Ryan Nassau won 1 of his matches.

Ormesby III are now in 3rd position in the League table with 14 points – 2 points behind the 2 top teams, P Pong from Lancashire and Draycott from Derbyshire.

In Division National C, Ormesby Fourth team won their first match, beating Cliffdale Chandlers by 6-3.  Rebecca Savage produced the best results with 2 singles wins and the doubles with Katie Bates whilst Eve Witterick, Katie Bates and William Lim all won 1 each.

In Ormesby IV second match, they were defeated by Huddersfield 6-3 with 1 win each from Rebecca Savage and William Lim plus Rebecca Savage and Katie Bates winning the doubles.

British Premier League win for Ormesby

Ormesby’s hopes of achieving a Top four finish in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League received a boost when they defeated the unbeaten side Ormeau from  Northern Ireland in a tight match by 4 games to 3 on Saturday.

Sining Zhang 11.02.20

Sining Zhang

Ormesby’s Chinese player Sining Zhang was the star of the match winning both his singles comfortably and joining with Darius Knight to win the vital doubles match.

The match climaxed in the final set when the score poised at 3 all Darius Knight took on Ormeau’s Matthew Ware. Knight led by 1-0 and then 2-1 but lost the  fourth game so that Ware levelled at 2 all.

Knight started well in the  decider and carried on to win by 11-5 to clinch the set.

With the absence of Helshan Weerasinghe, Josh Weatherby joined the Ormesby team and did well to take the French player Alexis Lebrun to five sets.

This result gives Ormesby a tight battle to win a top 4 position.  Ormesby have one more fixture against the bottom of the table team away to North Ayrshire in two weeks and a win for Ormesby in that fixture would mean that they would be relying on Archway Peterborough beating BATTS of Harlow last weekend to qualify for Top 4 place on a set’s average countback.

TTKIDZ – New Girls Hopes Squad

TTKIDZS retainers

The first of the new sessions of Ormesby TTKIDZ begins on Wednesday 12 February.
Hopefully the new sessions will be as successful as the previous ones where we had over a 50% retention of players.
The most pleasing thing to come from the first program is that a new group of 8 Primary School girls have formed a Girls Hope Squad.
In the picture are some of the children who are from the first TTKIDZ program and still playing.

Ormesby v Ormeau 8 February 2020

Premier Division of British League Table Tennis Championship Ormesby v Ormeau

Ormesby’s next fixture in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League is a home match on Saturday 8th February against the top Irish Club; Ormeau.

Ormesby are locked in a battle to reach the top four play-off section of the League and need to win on Saturday.

The Ormesby squad is named as Sining Zhang, Darius Knight, Helshan Weerasinghe and Josh Weatherby.

The Irish team are regarded as one of the best in the British League and they are unbeaten to date and have a mix of French National League players and Irish Internationals.  Their team will be named from the following squad players; Dorian Nichole, Lucas Molland, Orial Monzo, Alexis Lebrun, Matthew Ware, Gavin McGuire and Owen Cathcart.

The match will start at 2:00pm and will be played on two tables.  Spectators are welcome.

Premier poster Ormeau 8 February 2020

Senior National Championship Qualifiers

English National Senior Table Tennis Championships Qualification

At least two Ormesby Juniors have qualified for the English National Senior Table Tennis Championships following the qualification competition that took place in Nottingham over the weekend.

Rebecca Savage 14 01 20

Rebecca Savage

A big surprise was the performance of Rebecca Savage who excelled to finish in fourth position to win her place.  She started the competition seeded only 18th and with only 10 places available her prospect of success at the beginning of the competition did not appear good.  However, Rebecca did extremely well to win four of her six matches in the opening qualification group and then won her first two matches in the knockout stage to finish in fourth position overall.

For a 15 year old Cadet girl to qualify for the English Senior National Championship is a very good performance.

Josh Weatherby 14 01 20

Josh Weatherby

On the boy’s side, Josh Weatherby produced his best results.  He won all his matches in the first group to finish top which included a win over one of the top seeds, Josh Bennett.  He then won his first two matches in the knockout section to finish 8th overall and take his qualification place.

The third Ormesby player, Ben Piggott, is likely to qualify, he finished in fourth position in his qualification group and went through to the knockout stage.  He then beat Joe Cope, the player expected to win through the qualification, to reach the second round but then lost to the current England number 24, Gabriel Achampong.  Piggott then played a third match and beat Umair Mauthoor to finish in 12th position.  He now may well receive an invitation to play in the Nationals.

Thomas Rayner was also in the frame for qualification.  He finished in third place in his qualification group but then had the unfortunate draw to play Josh Bennett in the first round of the knockout and was defeated at deuce in the fifth, therefore, was not able to qualify this year.

Nevertheless, for Ormesby to have two, probably three, Junior’s qualify for the English National Senior Championships at Nottingham at the end of next month is a very good result.

Report by Alan Ransome OBE

British Premier League

Ormesby v Archway Peterborough 18.1.2020


The next match of the Premier Division of the British League is a home fixture against one of our rivals, newly promoted Archway Peterborough.  Peterborough, with their new signings, are one of the strongest teams in the Division so we are expecting a tough match.

Our team is likely to be the strongest available; Sining Zhang, Helshan Weerasinghe and Darius Knight.

The Peterborough team have registered Chinese player Jai Wang Song, Callum Evans Welsh Number 1 and Champion, and Chris Doran the England Number 6.

The match is to be played on two tables with seven sets and will commence at 2:00pm.

Your support for the team would be welcomed and please feel free to bring any family and friends.

Alan Ransome – Ormesby Table Tennis Club Chairman