Club Tournaments and Friendly Matches


Monday 27 April 2015

Some of the Ormesby, 50 plus players. who play each Monday and Thursday morning at the Ormesby Club, visited Hull once again to meet up with friends made over the past four years. Ormesby’s Group leader Malcolm Muldoon can be seen with both the Hull and Ormesby Players pointing them in the right direction.

After being beaten quite convincibly both at Hull and Ormesby on the last seven or eight occasions the Ormesby 50 plus players were extremely happy to come away with a 6 all draw.

Above Keith Lewis and Tom Hand play the husband wife Hull team of Lynn and Brian Warriner

In the picture above Ormesby’s Barbara Dumphy  can be seen umpiring one of the matches with at the far end of the table two of the Ormesby players Alan Heppel left and Peter Wagner.

Six matches were played during the morning session followed by another six on the afternoon.

In the front of the picture Eric Smallwood left and John Wright take on another Hull team.

As usual all the Ormesby players were made very welcome by Brenda and Richard Hudson and their 50 plus group of players. As usual Brenda, with the help of some of the Hull players provided an excellent buffet lunch.

With their backs to the camera Syd Davis left and Paul Moppett.

At the far end of the table Malcolm Muldoon right is pictured with his team mate Alan Fowler.


Saturday 29 November2014

Pictured left to right: Josh Harland, Martin Rutter, Alan Ransome and Huang Zehong – Group One players

Former Middlesbrough champion Martin Rutter produced some of his best table tennis of the season to win the Ormesby Super 10 Tournament which was played at the Club’s Headquarters on Saturday.

Rutter went through the event unbeaten, only dropping a game to both Josh Harland and Nathan Kell.  His best victory was over Harland.  Rutter bet the 3rd seed, Harry Dai, who won the silver medal in the English Under 15 Championships last week, in straight games.  He defeated the visiting Chinese player, Huang Zehong, also in straight games.  Huang Zehong finished in second place with victories over both Harland and Dai.  Harland was third with 5 wins and 2 defeats whilst Dai finished fourth in the top group with 4-3.

In the second group the winner was Paul Noutch from Darlington who won all his 9 sets.  Mike Pickering, also from Darlington, finished second with 8 wins and 1 loss after losing narrowly to Noutch.  In third place was promising Ormesby cadet Jack Dewar who did well to win 6 of his matches.

In the third group the winner was Joe Bosomworth who won 6 and lost 1 whilst Katie Peacock from Darlington did well to finish in second place, also winning 6 and losing 1.

The finishing positions were:

Group 1
1. Martin Rutter 7-0
2. Huang Zehong 6-1
3. Josh Harland 5-2
4. Harry Dai 4-3
5. James Hill 2-5
6. David Noutch 2-5
7. Nathan Kell 1-6
8. Ryan Nassau 1-6

Group 2
1. Paul Noutch 9-0
2. Mike Pickering 8-1
3. Jack Dewar 6-3
4. Adam Gent 5-4
5. Slawomri Moryson 5-4
6. Arak Knat 4-5
7. David Gofton 4-5
8. George Hill 3-6
9. Syd Davis 1-8
10. Alan Perry 0-9

Group 3
1. Joe Bosomworth 6-1
2. Katie Peacock 6-1
3. Chris Edwards 5-2
4. Jamie Peacock 5-2
5. Erin Greensmith 3-4
6. Devon McQuade 2-5
7. Shan Aslam 1-6
8. Aaron Davidson 0-7


MAY 23 2014


Pallister Park Primary School the winning team with Malcolm Muldoon

The Middlesbough School’s Primary Schools Team Championships took place at Ormesby Table Tennis Club on Friday 23 May with 12 Primary Schools taking part.

Each team had to include 4 boy and 4 girls with the winning team going forward to represent Middlesbrough in the Tees Valley School Games.

The tournament winners were Pallister Park Primary School who played some really good table tennis and will now go forward to the finals where they will play teams from Darlington, Hartlepool, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton.

Green Lane Primary Academy who came second

Berwick Hills Primary School who came third





The Group One winners and runners up are pictured above from left to right: Martin Rutter second place, Alan Ransome who presented the prizes, Karina Lefevre winner and Sam Hitchen who finished third.

Group One winner Karina Lefevre finished the day with 9 wins from 9 to take first place. Michael Laird, Michael Young, Josh Harland and Carl White were the only players to cause Karina any problems each taking an end off her.

However a few surprises were witmessed throughout the day, most notably the game between Martin Rutter and 16 years old Calum White who beat Martin 3 games to 1 in what was both players first game of the day.


Pictured left to right: Chris Gunn who finished in second place, Andy Malone group two winner and Michael Jones third place.

Andy Malone who won group two, was one a number players who had come through from the ‘Ping’ Middlesbrough Project which took place during the summer of 2013. Andy won all his games. Second placed Chris Gunn lost only one game to Andy and third placed Michael Jones, one of the original ‘Hopes’ children, lost his two games to the winner and runner up.


Pictured left to right: Kieran Wardell runner up, Nathan Kell group winner and Jack Dewar third place.

Nathan Kell who won group three only began playing in August after visiting one of the ‘PING’ events held in Middlesbrough. Nathan won all his games only losing one end to Kieran Wardell who finished in second place. Jack Dewar who took third place is one of the up and coming boys from the Ormesby Saturday Junior League. All three boys are now playing in the National Cadet and National Junior Leagues.

The winners, runners up and third placed players in each group received cash priizes of £25, £15 and £10.


The annual presentations for the most improved players took place at the Buffet Lunch interval.

Club Chairman, Alan Ransome presented Kaine Macdonald and Joshua Harland with Teessport gift vouchers. Alan explained to those watching that both players had improved tremendously over the past year.





Left to right: Martin Rutter third place, Simon Noutch first place. Karina Lefevre second place and Alan Ransome Ormesby TTC chairman


Left to right: Michael Ashwell third place, Aaron Uppal first place, Alan Ransome and Gary Whyman second place.


Left to right: Jake Horsman third place, Jack Dewar first place, Brian Holloway second place and Alan Ransome.


Left to right – Mark Simpson, Karina Lefevre and Simon Noutch

Swedish National League Player, Mark Simpson, who originally comes from Darlington was the winner of the Ormesby Christmas Super 10 Tournament which was played at the Club’s Headquarters in Cargo Fleet Lane last Sunday.

Simpson won 8 out of his 9 games, being defeated only by the Ormesby first team player, Simon Noutch.

Karina Le Fevre produced a good performance to finish second which included a victory over Noutch who finished in third position.  Le Fevre won 7 of her 9 matches losing to Simpson and to the National Under-14 Champion, Alec Ward, by 3 games to 2.

Anthony Phoenix, Martin Rutter and Alec Ward all finished in equal 4th positions, having won 5 of their matches and losing 4.  Rutter came close to beating Noutch but lost at deuce in the 5th game.  Ward did well to beat Rutter, as well as Le Fevre, but was beaten by the player who finished in 8th place, Carl White.


Left to right – Sam Hitchen, Peter Wilkinson and Ormesby club chairman Alan Ransome

In group two, the winner was Sam Hitchen who won a very tight finish against the player in second place, Peter Wilkinson.  Hitchen won all his matches, whilst Wilkinson only lost to Hitchen.

Kaine MacDonald did well to finish in third place with a deuce in the 5th, victory over Calum White who finished 4th.  Both players won 4 matches and lost 3.

Left to right – Michael Jones, Josh Weatherby and Jonathan Crossman

Group three was won by Jonathan Crossman who won 8 of his matches and lost only one to Michael Jones.  Jones finished in second place on games difference against Josh Weatherby and Elliot Booty, all 3 players having won 7 and lost 2 matches.


1 Mark Simpson 1 Sam Hitchen 1 Jonathan Crossman
2 Karina Lefevre 2 Peter Wilkinson 2 Michael Jones
3 Simon Noutch 3 Kaine Macdonald 3 Josh Weatherby
4 Anthony Phoenix 4 Calum White 4 Elliot Booty
4 Martin Rutter 5 David Noutch 5 Bill Appleton
4 Alec Ward 6 David Elliott 6 Harry Forsyth
7 Adam Smith 7 Mike Newton 7 Steve Porter
8 Carl White 8 Jonathan Stevens 8 Conor Taylor
9 Karen Shepherd 9 Sam Bell 9 Morgan Caldwell
10 ALex Garlick 10 Shannon Walker 10 Charlotte Weatherby


Pictured above left to right: Dean Eadington, Adam Curran, Calum White and Alan Ransome