Code of Conduct


1. Vision
To promote the sport of table tennis in the local community at all levels of play, and particularly to continue to uphold the reputation of Ormesby as the best and most successful club in Britain.

2. Leadership
The Management Committee and Coaches shall promote and support this Code of Conduct and all the activities of the Club by leadership and example and in a professional manner.

3. Non Discrimination
Members of Ormesby Table Tennis Club shall not discriminate against any country or person on any grounds whatsoever including race, colour, gender, religion or politics.

4. Fees
All Club membership fees and session fees must be paid when due at the start of the season or session in order to meet the financial outgoings for the new Club premises, the various league registrations and expenses.

5. Principles of Conduct

• All members shall treat players, coaches, officials and others involved with the Club or the sport with due respect.

• All members should enjoy an equal use of the facilities and programmes, except in the case of the Gym where a separate fee, age and fitness will be taken into account.

• All members … players, coaches, officials and spectators should refrain from any action that causes offence or shows disrespect to any opponents, member or visitor to the Club, or causes any damage to the premises or equipment. Typical examples are spitting, swearing, throwing or kicking equipment, dropping litter or defacing walls or doors.

* Club members should refrain from making statements which (a) appear on
Face book, Twitter or other social media or other sites, (b) making
statements to others which could be published on these sites or in any
other publication regarding the Club or other Club members which could
damage the Club’s reputation in any way or bring the Club into

* All Ormesby players are expected to adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct both at home and away, to play to the best of their ability whenever representing Ormesby and to refrain from any activity that may bring the Club or the sport into disrepute.

• Senior players should serve as an example to younger players and should do their best to help them to develop in the proud traditions of the Club.

* Please respect the Club… all players are expected to clear up the playing hall after a session, including moving equipment when necessary and putting water bottles, broken balls, etc. into the bin provided. The coach in charge should not be left to clear up after a coaching session.

6. Breach of the code of Conduct
Any allegation of a breach of this Code of Conduct shall be reported to the coach or member in charge of a session, who will have the authority to suspend a person from the session/or Club. The coach or person in charge will enter the offence in a record book and refer the incident to the Management Committee for further consideration.

7. Return
In return for the opportunity to use the Club’s facilities and participate in the Club’s sessions and the resulting benefits provided by the voluntary programmes, all members should do their utmost to support the Club and assist wherever possible in the areas of coaching, administration and promotion by way of putting something back into the Club.

8. Agreement
All members are required to read this Code of Conduct and to sign and return one copy to the Secretary as an acknowledgement that they accept the basis of membership in Ormesby Table Tennis Club.

9. Enjoy
This Code of Conduct and the conditions of membership are intended to safeguard all those participating in Ormesby Table Tennis Club programmes and to ensure that the Club continues to enjoy its excellent reputation within the community and the sport. Notwithstanding any of these conditions, we hope that members will always enjoy their time at the Club and will benefit from being involved in the Club’s activities.

Alan Ransome, O.B.E.
January 2013