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Blackpool 2 Star

Congratulations to Josh Harland (pictured right) who did very well to win the Junior Boys’ event at the Blackpool 2 Star on Sunday 24 March.

Josh Weatherby won the Under 11 Boys’ Plate and his sister Charlotte also did well reaching the final of the Under 11 Girls’ plate.

British Premier League 2012-13 final weekend

Ormesby’ s chances of making further progress in the Premier Division of the British Table Tennis League when the final round of matches were played at the Club’s headquarters in Middlesbrough last weekend, were dealt a severe blow when the number 1 player and Welsh Champion, Ryan Jenkins, suffered a back injury and was not fit enough to compete.

Jenkins was present with the team for the matches and had fitness tests on both days, which he failed.

Overall, Ormesby played 6 matches over the weekend playing two 4-4 draws against both London club Fusion and the Barrow  Tornadoes team.

Ormesby suffered 4 defeats.  7-1 to both eventual Champions B-Batts from London and the team finishing in 2nd place, Sycamore of Nottingham.  Ormesby were also beaten 5-3 by Norwich team Wymondham and 6-2 by Scotland’s leading club Drumchapel  Glasgow.

For the Ormesby team, the Chinese player Yongbo Zhang  produced the best performance with 7 wins from 12 sets.

Dan O’Connell also did well to win 5 from 10.  Michael Marsden won 1 from 10, whilst Simon Nouch and Patrick Thomas won 1 from 8.

These results mean that Ormesby finished in 5th position in the table with 11 points from 14 matches, two places above the relegation section.

Kingfisher Reading were relegated with just 5 points whilst Barrow joined them with 10 points.

Junior Masters 2013

Ormesby’s leading cadet player, 13 year old Alec Ward, excelled when invited to the under 18 English Junior Masters’ Table Tennis Tournament at Grantham last weekend.

Alec was invited in 14th place and with six victories, finished in 6th position.  Ward’s victories included Adam Harrison (ranked 6th), Marcus Giles (ranked 8th), Liam McTiernan (ranked 10th) and Lawrence Sweeney (ranked 12th).

Ward’s current National Junior ranking is 21.

British League Premier Division review

British League Premier Division action takes place this weekend (Saturday / Sunday 23 / 24 March 2014) at Ormesby Table Tennis Club, Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough, TS3 8PB. The third weekend round of matches had to be postponed because of bad weather  and therefore six rounds of matches will take place this weekend. Rounds start at 10.00, 13.00, 15.30 and 18.00 hours on the Saturday and at 10.00 and 13.00 hours on the Sunday.

It seems  a long time ago when the teams last played in this division but it appears to be a two-way battle for the top honours. B-BATT Pavilion (15 points) lead the way followed by Sycamore (14 points) with the hosts – Ormesby, in third on nine points. In what should be a grand finale the two leading sides meet in round 14 on Sunday afternoon.

B-BATT will look to chose from England no. six Chris Doran (14 wins out of 16), Giovanne Le Borgne, Scottish no. three Niall Cameron, England no. 10  Mike O’Driscoll, fast-improving England no. three Junior Helshan Weerasinghe and Louis Brunet whilst Sycamore will probably call upon what is a refreshingly young squad of England no. eight David McBeath, Paul McCreery, Matt Ware, Sean Cullen  and Kevin Dolder. It is Sean Cullen (13 wins out of 14) who boasts their most successful playing record.

The hosts – Ormesby will be led by Ryan Jenkins with support from Michael Marsden, Yongbo Zhang, Patrick Thomas and  Daniel O’Conell.  Ormesby play Sycamore at 13,00 hours and B-BATT Pavilion at 15.30 hours on what promises to be a very interesting Saturday afternoon’s play. Ryan Jenkins (11 wins out of 12) has been the most successful of the Ormesby players to date.

As many as five teams could be battling it out to avoid relegation  – Drumchapel Glasgow  (seven points), Fusion (six points), Wymondham (five points), Barrow Tornadoes (five points) and Kingfisher (three points).

Matches to look out for involving these teams include the Saturday morning clash between Kingfisher and Wymondham, the 13.00 hours match between Wymondham and Fusion, the 15.30 battle between  Barrow Tornadoes and Fusion and the 18.00 hours clash between Fusion and Druimchapel Glasgow. On Sunday morning Kingfisher play Barrow Tornadoes and in the last round of matches Fusion play against Kingfisher.

Steve Kerns

British League Press & Publicity Team

Fair Play Award for Chloe Whyte

Chloe is pictured with Tony Chatwin after being presented with her award.

Congratulations to Chloe Whyte who was presented with the Swaythling Club Fair Play Silver Bat on Sunday in Sheffield on 3rd March. This award is presented annually at many National Championships around the world to a player who has performed in an outstanding and fair manner during the event.  See the SCI section on the ITTF website at

Karina’s selection for the World’s

Following her great performance against Kelly Sibley in the semi – final of the National Championships, Karina Lefevre has been selected to play for England in the forthcoming World Championships in Paris in May.

Congratulations Karina

Womens Premier League Winners 2012-13

“John Upham Photography,”
With 3 victories and 1 drawn match, Ormesby won the Premier Division title of the Women’s British Table Tennis League at Doncaster last weekend for the second time in 3 years. Ormesby started the second weekend of fixtures with a 3 point lead at the top of the table following the first weekend in Bristol in November.

For the final weekend in Doncaster, Ormesby were without their most successful player from the first weekend, Maria Tsaptsinos, who won all her 10 matches. Maria was replaced with a new signing, the Chinese
youngster, Yang Yi.

In the first match at Doncaster, Ormesby beat the Thorntons team from Devon by 4-2 despite 2 wins from the Czech defensive player, Marketa Myskova. Chloe Whyte and Karen Shepherd both won one match each, while on her debut, Yang Yi won both her singles.

Ormesby’s second match was against Burton Uxbridge where Ormesby won by 5 – 1. Karen Shepherd and Yang Yi both won 2, whilst Chloe Whyte won one of her singles.

Ormesby’s final match on Saturday was against the Sportingbet Guernsey A team. Ormesby achieved another 5-1 win, with the highlight being Chloe Whyte’s victory over one of Britain’s top international players. Alice Loveridge, by 3 games to 1. Yang Yi won both her singles, whilst Karen Shepherd won one in this match.

On Sunday, Ormesby needed just one point to clinch the title and this was achieved in the first match when the Ormesby team played a 3 – 3 draw with the Merseyside team, Halton TTC who were represented by two leading Welsh players, Angharad and Megan Phillips. Yi won both her singles in this match, whilst Karen Shepherd won the vital last set against Fiona Dennett of Ireland by 3 games to 1.

With the title secured, Ormesby lost their last match against the team in second place, Draycott & Long Eaton from Nottingham. Yang Yi again won both her singles.

Playing at number one throughout the two weekends, Chloe Whyte, finished with 11 wins and 9 losses, with 4 wins and 6 losses from last weekend, Karen Shepherd finished with 13 wins and 7 losses overall with 5 wins from 10 matches in Doncaster, whilst Yang Yi was unbeaten winning all her 10 singles.

Promotion for Ormesby Veteran’s

By winning all of their 5 matches, the Ormesby team won the Veterans National Table Tennis League 1st Division Competition that took place in Bristol last weekend.

Steve Brunskill was the star of the Ormesby team winning all of his 10 sets, whilst Michael Young played his part by winning 9 from 10, and Carl White 7 from 8.  Gary Whyman won 1 from 2.

Ormesby started with a 6-0 victory over the Slough team Cippenham.  This was followed up on Saturday afternoon with a 5-1 win over Hollingbury of Sussex and then on Saturday evening a 6-0 victory over the Reading club, Olap.

On Sunday morning, Ormesby beat  Eastfield Peterborough by 5-1 and then in the most important match of the weekend beat their main rivals, Seasiders from Blackpool by 5-1.  The veterans team will now compete in the full Veterans British League next season for the first time.

New Year 2013 – Super 10

The winners of Group One pictured left to right – Mark Simpson, Karina Lefevre and Simon Noutch

Swedish National League Player, Mark Simpson, who originally comes from Darlington was the winner of the Ormesby Christmas Super 10 Tournament which was played at the Club’s Headquarters in Cargo Fleet Lane last Sunday.

Simpson won 8 out of his 9 games, being defeated only by the Ormesby first team player, Simon Noutch.

Karina Le Fevre produced a good performance to finish second which included a victory over Noutch who finished in third position.  Le Fevre won 7 of her 9 matches losing to Simpson and to the National Under-14 Champion, Alec Ward, by 3 games to 2.

Anthony Phoenix, Martin Rutter and Alec Ward all finished in equal 4th positions, having won 5 of their matches and losing 4.  Rutter came close to beating Noutch but lost at deuce in the 5th game.  Ward did well to beat Rutter, as well as Le Fevre, but was beaten by the player who finished in 8th place, Carl White.

In the second division, the winner was Sam Hitchen who won a very tight finish against the player in second place, Peter Wilkinson.  Hitchen won all his matches, whilst Wilkinson only lost to Hitchen.

Kaine MacDonald did well to finish in third place with a deuce in the 5th, victory over Calum White who finished 4th.  Both players won 4 matches and lost 3.

The third division was won by Jonathan Crossman who won 8 of his matches and lost only one to Michael Jones.  Jones finished in second place on games difference against Josh Weatherby and Elliot Booty, all 3 players having won 7 and lost 2 matches.



The following information is for the session times over the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Saturday 22 – 10.00am to 12.00noon Junior Club

Monday 24 – Christmas Eve – Closed

Tuesday 25 – Christmas Day – Closed

Wednesday 26 – Boxing Day  – Closed

Thursday 27 – 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Hopes Elite

Thursday 27 – 7.00pm to 9.30pm – Top Squad

Friday 28 – 1.00pm to 5.00pm – Training Camp

Saturday 29 – 10.00am to 12.00noon – Junior Club – 1.00pm to 4.30pm – Top Squad and Hopes 

Sunday 30 – Super Ten 10.00am to 5.00-ish

Monday 31 – New Years Eve – Closed

Tuesday 1 – New Years Day – Closed

Wednesday 2 January – No Disability Session – All other sessions at the usual session times

British League 2nd weekend

With the 3rd team top of Division 2 of the British Table Tennis League, the Ormesby teams had a successful weekend with a total of 5 sets of matches.

The Ormesby 2nd team in Division 2 won 3 of their matches against Barrow, Drumchapel of Glasgow and the South Yorkshire Club of Derwent all by 5-3.  Ormesby’s only loss was to the Halton Club of Merseyside by 6-2.  Simon Noutch produced the best results from an Ormesby perspective and won 6 from 8.  Andy Wilson won 5 from 8 and Christopher Wheeler won 4 and lost none.

Steve Brunskill won 2 from 6 but Jake Collins suffered with no wins from his 6 sets.  These results leave Ormesby in 3rd position in the league table with 12 points from 8 matches, 4 points behind the leaders Speedwell of Chesterfield.

Ormesby’s second team had 3 wins against Woodfield of Wolverhampton, Formby of Merseyside, both at 6-2 and the Nottingham team Redland Bats by 7-1.  The Ormesby draw was against Northfield at 4-4, a match in which Anthony Phoenix won both his sets.  Damien Nichols and Eddy Framley both won two for Northfield.  Phoenix was the best player winning 7 from 8 whilst Martin Rutter won 6 from 8.  Chloe Whyte won 4 of her 6, whilst Christopher Wheeler was unbeaten with 4 wins.  Karen Shepherd won 2 from 6.  Ormesby head the table with 14 points from 8 matches.  Northfield are second also with 14 points, however Ormesby have the better sets average.

With Alec Ward producing the best results from 5 wins from 8 sets, Ormesby 4th team in Division 3 north won 2 of their matches and lost 2.  The 2 victories were against the Redlands team of Nottingham by 6 sets to 2 and the Halton 3rd team from Merseyside by 5-3.  The 2 defeats were against Pudsey at 6-2 and the Derby team Draycott 7-1.  Aidan Ranftler won 4 from 6 games, Carl White 4 from 8 whilst Adam Smith won 1 from 8.

The Ormesby 5th team in Division 4 North won one of their matches against team Tameside by 6-2 and drew another against the Grantham team, Cliffdale Chandlers 4-4.  Ormesby 4th team were beaten 5-3 by Grimsby Mariners and 6-2 by Derwent IIs.

Peter Wilkinson and Sam Hitchen won 4 sets from 8 played whilst Calum White won 3 from 8.  Ranftler won both of his sets whilst Gary Whyman won 2 from 8.

Ormesby 6th team playing at home in the 5th Division at the Ormesby Club are in second position in the table.  Ormesby beat Hartlepool and Sycamore of Nottingham, both 5-3, drew with Parkstone 4-4 but were beaten by the Lancashire Club Formby by 5-3.

Aaron Uppal produced the best results winning 6 of his 8 sets whilst Dave Ashwell won 5 from 8.  Keith Weatherby won 3 from 4.  Josh Harland won 2 from 4 and Mike Ashwell 1 from 6.

Women’s British League

Ormesby head the Premier Division of the Women’s British Table Tennis League after being unbeaten in the first round of matches in Bristol last weekend.

Ormesby opened with a 6-0 victory over the Staffordshire Club, Burton.  The Teesside Clubs second victory was against Halton of Cheshire by 4-2 whose team included two Welsh internationals.  The third Ormesby win was over one of the favourites, Draycott and Long Eaton from Derbyshire by 4-2.    In this match Karen Shepherd beat the England number 5, Emma Vickers and Maria Tsaptsinos defeated England number 9 Jessica Dawson, although Dawson beat Chloe Whyte.

On the second day, Ormesby defeated Guernsey by 5-1.  In this match Whyte beat leading Guernsey international, Alice Loveridge.  In the final match the Teessiders beat the former Champions, Thorntons of Devon by 6-0.    The latest Ormesby signing, Maria Tsaptsinos heads the averages playing at number 3, he won all 10 of her matches.  Karen Shepherd at number 2 won 8 of 10 whilst Chloe Whyte, playing at number 1 for the first time won 7 and lost 3.  Shepherd’s best win was over the England number 5 Emma Vickers whilst Whyte beat the leading Guernsey international Alice Loveridge.

Ormesby’s second round of fixtures are to be played in Doncaster in February.

Inspired by the Paralympics

Ormesby Table Tennis Club are having a talent Identification day for disabled people on Sunday 11th November  It is open to all disability groups, wheelchair, learning, cerebral palsy, hearing etc. It’s a great opportunity to engage in a Paralympic sport and possibly become the next Paralympian.

Qualified coaches will be there to guide and advise you throughout the day. There will also be a fun factory:   With beat the robot, table cricket and  accuracy games to enjoy along with an opportunity to observe demonstrations and play against some of the clubs top disabled players.

Event starts at 12.30 pm and finishes at 2.00pm. Bats and balls will be provided. Cost is £2.00.

To register your interest contact Malcolm on 07889937056.

Ormesby Table Tennis Club

Cargo Fleet Lane,


National Veteran’s League – first weekend

With 4  wins and 1 draw, Ormesby Veteran’s (over 40’s) team finished top of their division in the Veteran’s National Table Tennis League which was held in Blackpool last weekend.

Ormesby beat the Sussex Club, Hollingbury 6-0, Peterborough 5-1, Cippenham of Slough 4-2 and Olop of Reading 5-1.

The only match that Ormesby were not to score both points was against the Blackpool Seasiders Team where they played a 3-3 draw.  Steve Brunskill produced the best results for Ormesby with 5 wins from 6 matches, whilst Carl White won 7 from 10, Michael Young 9 from 10 and Gary Whyman 2 from 4.

This result put Ormesby at the top of the table, ahead of Blackpool Seasiders on games average.  Ormesby are now in line for promotion to the Veteran’s British League for next season.

British League – first weekend

With strong performances from Karina Le Fevre and Paul Smith, Ormesby second team made a good start to the new season in the first division  of the British Table Tennis League when they won three of their four matches in Blackpool last weekend.

Over the weekend, Ormesby had five teams in action.  All performed well and each one is in the top half of their division.  Ormesby seconds beat South Yorkshire Club, Derwent 5-3, Burton Uxbridge 6-2 and the Derby Club, Draycott 5-3.  The only defeat was the Chesterfield team, Speedwell, which was by 5-3.

Karina Le Fevre won 6 of her 7 matches, whilst Paul Smith won 5 of 7.  Jake Collins, at No. 1, won 4 from 8 whilst Andy Wilson won 2 from 8.  The Ormesby second team are in third position in the table with 6 points from 4 matches.

Ormesby’s 3rd team in Division 2 North won 3 of their 4 matches and drew the other, with Chloe Whyte, Martin Rutter and Anthony Phoenix, all winning 7 out of 8 of their sets.  Ormesby defeated the Draycott second team 7-1, Halton of Merseyside 8-0 and Drumchapel Glasgow 7-1.

The only point dropped was against local rivals, Northfield, where the 4-4 draw was played.  Karen Shepherd at No. 1 won 5 of her 8 sets.  Ormesby’s thirds are second in the table, behind the Nottingham team, Redland, with 7 points from 4 matches.

Ormesby’s 4th team in Division 3 of the British League won 3 of their 4 matches against Halton 7-1, Birmingham’s Smiths Woods 6-2 and Arbory 7-1.

The only defeat was to Hartlepool’s first team by 7-1.  Carl White produced the best results with 7 wins from 8 whilst Adam Smith and Alec Ward won 5 from 8 and Michael Young 4.  Hartlepool are top of the table with 8 points from the 4 matches whilst Ormesby 4th team are in 3rd place with 4 from 6.

Ormesby’s 5th team are top of the 4th division having won 3 of their 4 matches.  The team beat Tameside 5-3, Bonsall 7-1, Halton 6-2, but lost to the Nottingham team Redland by 6-2.

Aidan Ranftler produced the best performance at No. 1, winning 6 of his 8 sets.  Sam Hitchen and Peter Wilkinson won 5 from 8, whilst Aaron Uppal moved up from the 6th team, winning 4 from 8.  Ormesby 5th team are top of the division with 6 points from 4 matches.

Playing at home in the Ormesby Club, Ormesby 6th team in Division 5, won their first 3 matches against Parkstone 8-0, Corby 6-2 and Pudsey 6-2 and lost the final match against Peterborough by 6-2.

Keith Weatherby produced the best results and was unbeaten with 6 wins.  Dave Ashwell won 7 from 8 whilst Calum White and Josh Harland both won 4 from 6 and Michael Ashwell 1 from 6.  The 4th team are in 4th position with 6 points from their 4 matches.

British League (first weekend)

Five Ormesby teams are in action this week with the second and third team playing at Blackpool.

The second team will have a squad of: Jake Collin, Andy Wilson, Karina Lefevre, Steven Brunskill and,Paul Smith

The third team are also playing their fixtures in Blackpool and their team is listed as: Chloe Whyte, Karen Shepherd, Anthony Phoenix and Martin Rutter

Ormesby’s fourth and fifth teams both travel to Derby for their fixtures in Division 3 and Division 4.  Listed for the fourth team are: Alec Ward, Adam Smith, Michael Young, Alex Garlick and Carl White

The fifth team is named as: Aiden Ranftler, Sam Hitchen, Ashley Scott and Peter Wilkinson

At home this weekend in the fifth division are Ormesby sixth team with the squad names of: Dave Ashwell, Joshua Harland, Calum White, Aaron Uppal and Michael Ashwell

Matches start at Ormesby at 11.00am on Saturday and 10.30am on Sunday. Spectators welcome.

Table Tennis at Ormesby Hall

Despite a couple of heavy showers, the table tennis promotion at the
Ormesby Hall Garden Fete on Sunday, 19th August, proved to be an
interesting activity for families who enjoyed the demonstrations and
coaching. Many thanks to Steve Brunskill, Anthony Phoenix, Kaine MacDonald and Josh Harland for their help on the day.

Greatful thanks also to Jose Ransome for organising another successful event run by the Ormesby Club.

Tees Sport Liverpool Grand Prix success for Karina and Chloe

Ormesby pair, Karina Le Fevre and Chloe Whyte dominated the Women’s events at the Tees Sport Liverpool Open Grand Prix Table Tennis Tournament which is the opening event in the ETTA series.

From the number 2 seeded position, Le Fevre won the Women’s Singles title, beating Ireland’s Ashley Givan  in 3 straight sets by a comfortable margin of 11-8, 11-6, 11-1 in the final.  The top seed in the competition, Derbyshire’s English under-21 National Champion, Emma Vickers suffered a surprise defeat in the groups when she was beaten 3-0 by Chloe Whyte.  This put Whyte, the current English No 12 senior, into the draw in the top seeded position with Vickers, ranked No 4, drawn to meet Le Fevre, the English No 5, in the quarter finals.

Le Fevre also won straight games and followed this up by beating the Welsh international, Megan Phillips, also in 3 straight games to reach the final.  In the top half, Whyte progressed through to the semi-finals, only to lose to Givan by 3 games to 1.

In the Under 21 event, the winner was the third seed, Whyte, who won a very close final against the top seed Le Fevre by 3 games to 2.  The vital game was the second which Whyte won by 23 to 21 before winning the match at 13-15, 23-21, 11-6, 7-11, 11-8.

In the semi-final, Whyte defeated the second seed, Northfield’s Jessica Dawson, by 3 games to 1, while Le Fevre had a good run to the final by beating UK School Games Champion, Yolanda King of Sussex and Givan, both in straight games.

Ormesby Hall Garden Fete

Coaches and players from Ormesby Table Tennis Club will be taking part in the Ormesby Hall Garden Fete on Sunday, 19th August with demonstrations during the afternoon from 1.30 until 4 pm. Visitors to the fete will also have the opportunity to try table tennis with some help from the coaches and players.

In addition, following the interest in sport created by the Olympics,
the Ormesby Table Tennis Club – one of the leading clubs in the Country  – will be offering a free Come & Try It session at the club on Cargo Fleet Lane from 1 – 4pm on Saturday, 8th September. Table tennis is a great sport for the whole community, including boys and girls from the age of 6 years, teenagers and seniors, 50+ men and women and people with disabilities. The club is located on Cargo Fleet Lane, next door to the Middlesbrough Teaching & Learning Centre, and equipment and instruction will be provided. The club has a membership base from
absolute beginners right through to some of the best players in the
country and, therefore, can cater for all standards and aspirations.


With 8 wins from 9 matches, Karina Le Fevre was the winner of the Ormesby Club’s opening event of the new season, the Super 10 Table Tennis Tournament which was played at the Club’s Headquarters last Sunday.

The match that won Le Fevre the title was against Paul Smith, the player who finished in second place and this was by 3 games to 1.  Smith won all his matches except the one against Le Fevre, including a win against Steven Brunskill.  Brunskill was the only player who beat Le Fevre by a score of deuce in the 5th game.  However, Brunskill also lost to Martin Rutter which meant the highest place that he could finish in the competition was third.  Le Fevre finished on the same number of wins as Smith, but the rules of this competition dictate that where 2 players are level, then the winner of the contest between them goes ahead.  Rutter was in 4th position with 5 wins.

The second Super 10 group was won by Northumberland’s Jimmy Scope who was unbeaten with 8 wins.  The surprise of the competition was Aaron Uppal who excelled to finish in second place with wins against Peter Wilkinson, Sam Hitchen and Gary Whyman.  He also did well against Scope to take the section winner to 5 games.  The 3rd place went to Sam Hitchen with Peter Wilkinson in 4th.

The 3rd section was made up mainly from the Ormesby Hopes squad.  Michael Ashwell won 7 of 8 matches.  He won the competition after a count back as both Kane McDonald and Kane Goodenough also both won 7 of their 8 matches.  Ashwell lost his last game against Goodenough by 3-2 which was enough to clinch the title.  At the top of the section, McDonald beat Goodenough, whilst Goodenough beat Ashwell. In the 4th position was Michael Jones with 4 wins.